Homeland Security Color Codes

Okay, can someone explain the purpose of this system to me again.

And does ANYONE pay any attention to them any more then “hmm, it’s cloudy out”?

The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be any functional difference between “Green”, (not that we are ever going to get down that far) and “Red” for most people I know. I don’t think keeping it elevated helps this at all. Rather hard to pay attention to “Orange” alert when you are almost always near or at “Orange”. It becomes routine.

Here ya go.

Don’t get many excuses to play with the color coding… :smiley:

The big changes are at Yellow, when they start increasing surveillance of certain sensitive areas (the reservoir, the important bridge), and at Orange, when they start restricting access to certain places, like the FBI building, and start laying on more security for things like the Super Bowl, and at Red, when they start closing government offices and redirecting trains and personnel.

The Man On The Street probably won’t notice any of these changes, which is why it seems to you like there’s no difference between the levels. But to the people involved, it can mean that at Code Green they go to work at their regular office building, at Code Orange they get to ride around in a patrol car, and at Code Red they don’t go to work at all.