Homemade Canadian bacon

Suppose I have a leg of ham. I want to make a pizza and I want to turn the ham into Canadian bacon to put on top of the pizza.

Are there any recipes or tips out there as to how to make ham into Canadian bacon?

Ummm… you don’t have to do anything… “Canadian Bacon” IS ham.

Take one empty soup can. Sharpen the edge on the opened end. Press into the ham, like using a cookie cutter. Cut the cylinder of ham into 1/8th inch slices. You now have Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon, eh? What’s that all aboot?

Real Canadians use moose jerky, hoser.

Oddly-named pizza toppings aside, I feel compelled to point out that most Canadians, when asked what “Canadian Bacon” is, will tell you that it’s back bacon with peameal on it (called “peameal bacon” in Canada). It’s closer to a pork chop than it is to a leg of ham.

The pizza topping you’re thinking of is as much like Canadian bacon as a McDonald’s hamburger is like real beef. The fact that McDonald’s restaurants in the States also sometimes refer to the slice of ham that they put on Egg McMuffin’s as “Canadian bacon” doesn’t help to clarify things. Fortunately McDonald’s isn’t exactly a recognized authority on culinary matters…

(Moose jerky indeed. Everyone knows it’s moose jerky with maple syrup.)

Yep, it’s BACK bacon, nothing like a ham. Moose is alright, but black bear sausage is better. Maple syrup she be drank like shooters on the side.

Canadian bacon is a smoked loin (filet mignon) of pork.

Ham is a smoked leg of pork.

There is an enormous difference.