Homer Simpson Santa - 8 foot inflatable

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Let’s start again. This is a question with a factual answer, but not necessarily in the realms of what’s usually asked here, but I’ll try anyway.

I love to decorate my house, even in summer when it’s 100F outside, I have snowmen, reindeer, penguins and this year polar bears outside.

Homer Simpson comes as an 8ft inflatable Santa and I want one but can’t find one in Australia, so I’m looking in the US.

As Oz and the USA run different power voltages I need to know what sort of power requirements Homer has to see if when I get him to Oz, I can get him converted.

Can someone who owns a Homer Simpson please tell me:

Does he plug directly into 110 volts or is there a transformer that steps him down to 12 or 24 volts?
What are the power and amperage requirements for the fan that keps him inflated?
How many lights are inside and what wattage are they?

Thanks for your time.

Requires five C7 lightbulbs (included)


Thank you Hydrocortisone.

From what I can read on the net, a C7 bulb can be 4, 5 or 7 watts. So I’m up for conversion of 5 bulbs (and fittings) potentially of 20-35 watts.