Inflatable Christmas decorations

The big snowmen, Santa Clauses, grinches and snowglobes in front yards. Hate those things. My daughter suggested we get a b.b. gun.

B.b. guns are, by experience, seldom powerful enough to, er, terminate such resilient creatures as inflatable christmas gunk. May I suggest a coarser callibre air gun, or maybe a .20?

I think they’re kinda neat. And fun. Why would you want to ruin someone’s fun with a bb gun? Who made you and your fucking daughter judge and jury?

I hate your empty front yard. I think someone should take a bb gun to it. :dubious:

A shotgun would be the most satisfying. And my daughter is a juvenile, so she wouldn’t go to prison at least.

Seems her mother is pretty juvenile too.

I loved all the Google ads about “Criminal Records” that appeared below my posting.

Well, duh! I don’t want to go to prison. That’s why I’m talkin my daughter into doing it.

Hee hee! throws up hands They’re just decorarations. And rather cool ones at that, IMHO. Engineering at it’s finest.

Empty? You got the wrong front yard, dude. I got lights along the porch, a wreath with orange lights on the door, the mesh lights thing that goes over the shrubs and AND a lit up Virgen de Guadalupe. Don’t need no Walmart inflatables.

Jeez, I hate orange lights, mesh lights and lit up Virgin de Guadalupes.

Someone should toss a grenade in your yard

Shouldn’t it be Virgins de Guadalupe?

I hate grenades. Someone should take a flamethrower to your yard.

Engineering at its finest? So much for engineering to come up with a solution to the sound these things generate. And they look ridiculous in the morning before they’re turned on, all flat and deflated. How about some viagra for Santa and his snowmen?

And the christmas lights that look like icicles, still on the list too.

No, as Jillgat alludes to, it should be Virgenes de Guadalupe. The Latin root and the English word are spelled with two I’s; the Spanish word, with an E in place of the second I. If you want to substitute an “of” for the “de”, “Virgins” is just fine, but if you’re using the Spanish phrase as a borrowing, you’re obliged to give it the Spanish spelling and plural.

Those decorations just scream “Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men”, don’t they?

Everything else ends up inflated in this world, they might as well have Christmas that way too. I can see why it’d be tempting to … pop one of two …

Methinks you’ve been whooshed.

Don’t get me started on the mesh lights. Whoever invented these atrocities against humanity should be forced to lie nekkid in the Christmas tree recycling heap.

I hate those inflatable pieces of crap too. They are universally ugly, suck up tons of power with the pumps that are used to keep them inflated/operate the blowing snow in the sno-globe/run the animatronic ones, and show an overabundance of money and deficit of creativity and brains.

The faaaaaaaaabulous matt_mcl’s downstairs neighbour has an animatronic one… I’ll let him tell you about it. Further down the street is a HUGE green portico with six-foot-tall nutcrackers. Hamish has fantasies about knifing it and proclaiming himself to be an “Agent of the Rat King”.

Here, let me help you: You misspelled “tackiest.”
Those gaudy plastic blow-up things are for the folks who wish their house could look like this, but don’t want to spend the time and money.

Well, I suppose that that is a minor win…

Wonders wonders to himself if a frozen paintball might do the trick. Considering the populations of of these infernal things we would be doing the local homeowners associations a favor creating a little Saint Nicholas Day Massacre.

And if you hang a whole load of giant inflatable ‘snowflakes’ (that look like some sort of weird white sea-urchin) from the glass roof of a covered shopping-plaza that doubles as a wind tunnel, the ones which stay intact will rapidly become dingy with diesel grime, while the ones exposed to the strongest winds turn into festive christmas rags flapping in the tempest. Lovely.