Inflatable Christmas decorations

Meh, depending on the size of the decoration, and provided you only have one, and in a big yard, I think they’re kinda cute. The snowglobes especially.

I wouldn’t put one in my yard, though-I think that’s far too much money. But to each his own.

Saw a ginormous inflatable at K-Mart yesterday: a Christmastide carousel. Easily 8 feet tall, 8 feet wide, with four “riders” (Santa + 3 elves IIRC on reindeer), all going 'round and 'round … backwards.

K-mart, if you’re going to set up a display, please make sure it makes sense.

Bah! Humbug!

No, it’s singular. And in Spanish, it’s La Virgen.

One guy on my block has a nativity scene set up and behind it is a big blow-up grinch.

I can tell we got some defensive people on the board who support inflatable Christmas.

How about a Nativity scene using inflatable sex dolls?

What with just one woman?

Pervert :smiley:

A family a couple of blocks over has this in their front yard. Tell me that doesn’t look like Pooh taking a crap in a hunny pot.

I just don’t like them because they LOOM and take over the entire yard, so you’ve got a 14 foot tall Scooby Doo in a Santa hat menacing a 21 inch Baby Jesus in his manger while the 4 foot high Wise Men stand by looking horrified. If you had a couple of acres to dedicate to Christmas decorating, and your other decorations were more in scale, they might look ok.

Last year–I can’t find the thread–I was sorely tempted to slit Scooby-Doo’s inflatable throat (I lived in a much white-trashier neighborhood then).

This year for sale at the Shop Rite I saw a huge (I’m talking 8-foot) inflatible Frosty, with a transparent midsection. Inside him were two elves, looking upwards, while “snowflakes” rained down on them. Except it looked like Frosty had swallowed the first two elves whole, and chewed up their unhappy companion, leaving his semi-digested remains to shower upon his survivors, who would soon be dissolved in snowy digestive fluids.

You realize that now my wife is going to have to physically restrain me to keep me from doing this next year, don’t you?

Put me down for some hate on the inflatable monstrosities. The problem is that they encourage my least favorite thing about most Christmas yard displays–there’s no design, no thought put into an overall look. People just cram a bunch of shit into the yard wherever it fits, leading to nativity displays that appear to include Frosty the Snowman.

One big-ass inflatable piece, accented with lights and other decorations into a coherent scene? Fine. Plopping down two giant inflatables at random in the yard and calling it good, like some neighbors across the street I could mention? Bah.

My hate for the giant inflatables has somehow outpaced my hate for the creepy oscillating skeletal deer. I really want to decorate for Halloween by putting a couple hundred of those deer in the front yard and getting all their heads to oscillate in unison. That would creep the shit out of anybody.

I enjoy the way they make sloppy puddles on the lawn during the day when the lights are all turned off. It makes me think they’re all slumped and in pain from hangovers.

The roommate has a Christmas Pooh on the porch (thankfully, the one holding the honey pot). It looks much more poo-like during the day.

Don’t forget the sheep.

That would be awesome.

In my parents’ old neighborhood, people went crazy at Christmastime. They had nice big yards and the money to spend on nice decorations. It was fun to drive around and look at all the cool lights and well-done animated figures. Some of it was genuinely creative; I saw Florida- and Texas-themed light displays.

But some people went overboard and it looked cheesy. Instead of going with some unifying theme, they’d just strew stuff all over their yard and it looked awful.

Inflatable anything is in that “cheesy” category. Unless you’re a master designer and you can make it work, there is no reason to have them.


There’s a business around the corner that has one of the humongo inflatable Santa Clauses. I’m talking, this thing was the size of a building. With the wind blowing, it actually looked like a real human being (albeit one with Tourette’s). So it was scary. Very scary.

I hate Christmas decorations beyond string lights and Christmas trees and wreaths. IMHO, everything else is gawdy, scary, or stupid.


They’re singing “Oh Christmas Tree” :o
Possibly “Oh Come all ye Angels.” :eek:


The neighbors across the street have an inflatable consisting of two bears, wearing sweaters. (I think they are Coca-Cola Bears, but I’m not sure.) The little bear sits in the lap of the larger bear. When it is windy out, they bounce around in a most suggestive way.

Mr. Cee and I have taken to calling them the Sodomy Bears.

The inflatable snow globes aren’t so bad when they’re lit up at night, if there is only one and it’s not part of an overdone “let’s give the power company a nice Christmas” display. They just look so sad during the day when they’re not inflated, kinda like Frosty before he finally melts into the ground.

My husband is going to kill me when he finds out I have been searching for inflatable sex dolls. Isn’t there a site where you can get inflatable sheep?

Rotten dot com has pictures of cows and pigs too.


(Link intentionally broken.)

There is a house a several blocks away from me that goes totally bonkers this time of year. We are talking dozens of blow up figures and moving around lighted things, some over ten feet tall. They’ve been doing it for like ten years now.

Maybe five years ago the place two doors down got in on the game. I don’t think that they’re competing like in that new movie. It’s more like they’re in on it together. Between those two places is a house with a modest little string of white lights. I feel so bad for them.

Over the last couple of years, other neighbors of their’s have started to follow suit. If it makes its way onto my block I am going to be seriously pissed off.

I love 'em. They are wonderfully tacky! If I had a good front yard, I’d put up a bunch.

I mentioned in another thread that on the way to work there is a snowman that isn’t holding it’s air and is all slumped over and I am sorely tempted to sneak out at night and tape a bloody fake knife to it’s side.

Wes Craven Presents: Frosty the Snowman