Homicide and Exsanguination

My brother who is an amputee, was in an assisted living facility on narcotic pain medication, which he had stollen from his room twice. He was found dead in his room last month. At first the police deemed it homicide due to large amounts of blood in the room itself and on his bed where his body was found. His pillow and sheet, blood soaked were on the floor and his hand prints were on the wall above his bed and on his bed headboard. After an autopsy they have dismissed homicide in favor of “accidental death” but the toxicology report is still pending after a month.

After reading all of your bogs on exsanguination and other sites I am of the opinion he
was in no pain while bleed to death from a head injury, so why pillow and sheet on the floor and handprints on the wall?

What makes me question this even more, is that fact that his best friend from childhood was frantic to get his wallet and check book, supposedly so the staff wouldn’t get it and empty his accounts. But the next day after I gave permission for him to pick them up, his phone was disconnected.

I’m not anxious to get anyone in trouble but his bank account is is and this looks fishy to me. It’s bad enough my last remaining sibling is dead, but if someone killed him, I want to know who and avenge his death.

Obviously he lost a lot of blood. Could he, would he, have thrashed around that much with a gushing head wound before he became unconscious?

Is it accidental? Or homicide? What do you think and why?

With anguish, Binki


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With only your version of the events, we can’t do anything but feed you alternate versions of what you’ve said.

It sounds like the kind of horrible, messed up situation that happens with too many people with no close relatives being looked after by an institution. Unless the investigation shows criminal action or is obviously shoddy, you may never get a better resolution.

I’m sorry this happened, but your post isn’t terribly clear. May I ask a few questions?

Was it a pathological autopsy, at a hospital, or a forensic autopsy, by a medical examiner?

And are you saying that his bank account did get emptied? If you are next-of-kin, you should be able to get information from the bank about things like the last several transactions, and find out if any transactions were initiated after he died.

Also, I hope by “avenge,” you mean “seek justice through legal means,” and not “personally stalk and kill the person responsible.” Your brother is gone, and getting yourself into trouble won’t help anyone.