Homogenization of America: The Benefits

We call all come up with some of the ill-side affects of Wal*Marts in every town and chain restaurants pushing aside the local joints. But for some of us living in small and mid-sized towns, it’s not all bad.

Here is my short list of the benefits of the Homogenization of America:

Ghirardelli chocolate is available at Albertson’s

I suppose I could have a felafel in Atlanta, if for some reason I ever travelled to Atlanta, and wanted a felafel.

Big ass’d glasses of safe milk.
I like milk.

A truer statement cannot be found. You city people can bitch about the chain stores, but out here in the flyover the chain stores sometimes save your ass.

My town has several small, local bookstores. Sure, they’re cute. They’re picturesque. I buy books from them quite a bit. But on the occasions I’m looking for something in particular (as opposed to just browsing) - a selection of travel books, perhaps, or a specific title - they’re miserable! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if Barnes & Noble put a store in this town.

Anyway, back to the OP:

  • Mexican canned goods (salsa ranchero, chipotles in adobo) at Econo foods. I don’t think anyone but me buys them.
  • Illy cafe at the local coffee shop
  • A selection of good, imported cheese at the local deli
  • I’ll second Homebrew in saying Lindt and Ghiradelli at many of the local grocery stores
  • good Italian pasta at the local grocery stores (no Creamettes for me, thank you very much)
    What I still can’t get here:
  • decent scallops and other types of seafood.
  • Tillamook cheddar
  • A SELECTION! This is probably what I miss the most - stores will have one or two brands or types of things. If you don’t like 'em or are just in the mood for something different, you’re out of luck.

While I wait for the grammer police to arrest me for the mess I made in the OP, I thought of another:
Fruit is available year-round.

That one was intentional

"We can all come up with some of the ill side-effects … "

Once you’ve been stuck with mall-chain bookstores, you’ll appreciate Barnes and Noble.

When I first moved to my “used-to-be-small-town”, the only bookstore was (shudder!) a Christian Reading Room. I thought I’d lose my mind! Now I have both Borders and Barnes & Noble. And a bunch of chains that have made weekend dining much more enjoyable. Yes, I prefer the beauty that is the big city one-of-a-kind restaurant, but mostly I’m glad there’s more than three places to choose from. We do have a couple unique spots, but they’re also a bit more expensive than we can do on a regular basis.

Athena, where in da UP?

Regarding the OP, why does Walmart & Co. = homogenization? There’s only five notes you can play, yet the number of songs seems to be infinite, no? I’m not homogenized if I shop at Walmart, instead I can express myself with less time and money. Granted there will always be room for small, unusual stores even for the poor such as myself, but I don’t see myself deprived of my individuality because some well run firm can save me cash. Please defend the idea that I am.