Homosexual Marriage and Canada

I’ve been posting on a few different message boards for quite some time now and the same topics are always brought up. One of them is homosexual marriage-which I have a few questions about.

I’m of the opinion that homosexuals should be allowed to get married, as there is no good reason (aside from religious) to not allow them to get married.

In any event, I’m not trying to get into a debate over the issue, I’m just trying to find out the answer to whether or not homosexual marriage is legal in Canada.

I think it is, but I don’t actually know that it is.

The reason I’m asking is that I often hear from antihomosexual marriage people that if we allow homosexuals to get married that people will be marrying dogs, little children, and anything else they can push down the slippery slope.

The way I figure it, if it’s legal in Canada, and this slippery slope has not happened, wouldn’t that serve as evidence that it wouldn’t happen here?

It was – very recently, like a few months ago – made legal across Canada.

There are several subordinate clauses that need to be tacked onto that – for a short time, it was legal in one, no, make that three, provinces, then another court case in one of them, then something about the “notwithstanding clause” that allows a province to opt out of a constitutionally mandated national policy for five years, so that Alberta is out of step with the rest of Canada on this.

But unless you’re gay and taken with a passion to spend the rest of your life in Edmonton, the in-one-word answer is yes.

Here’s more up-to-date info. It’s not legal across Canada as far as I can tell.
Alberta=No, but close
British Columbia=Yes
Manitoba=No, but close
New Brunswick=No
Newfoundland and Labrador=No
Nova Scotia=No, but domestic partnerships
Nunavut=No, but recognizes outside same sex marriages as valid
PEI=Not yet

Here’s more info

It’s must be the case, then, that all those people who want to marry dogs, little children, loaves of bread and positive integer values that are divisible by seventeen, are just doing things properly and having a nice relaxed courtship before they tie the knot.

IMO; the slippery slope argument doesn’t need to be practically demonstrated false, because it is so obviously fundamentally flawed in terms of logic.

I prefer a nice curvy hyperbolic paraboloid, myself. :slight_smile:

See? It’s exactly this kind of disgusting perversion that is such a real threat to traditional marriage and family values.

The Canadian government has decided that it will not fight lawsuits from same-sex couples seeking to marry. While this is welcome news, it still requires couples to spend money on court cases that they shouldn’t have to. The government has also sent draft marriage legislation to the supreme court for review. It wants to be sure that in legalizing SSM it does not infringe upon the rights of religious groups who do not want to recognize it.

Just to clarify the situation in Mantioba (since that’s where I grew up), here’s a recent news article on where things stand in Manitoba.

So if I’m reading it right, it’ll become legal once the trial takes place since the province isn’t fighting it; however, it’s not quite legal yet.

Manitoba, in addition to passing the common-law bills noted in the earlier link, has also decided not to challenge a court case by three couples seeking marriage.

I have nothing to add here, other than that Dave and I met a gay married couple on our cross-country trek. One half of the couple was Canadian, and she commented on Dave’s “Canadian by Marriage” t-shirt. I was very proud to be Canadian, right at that moment.

You can find SSM stats at http://www.hrc.org/Template.cfm?Section=Center&CONTENTID=17420&TEMPLATE=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm. Not entirely up to date. I assume we’d know if anyone had married a loaf of bread in Belgium.

And it’s that kind of attitude that leads to too many lonely folks–fearful that they will be ostracised because of their personal choices and preferences–downloading imaginary numbers from the Internet when in a free and just society they could have the whole complex plane and more.

Besides, how does Couple A conjugating complex numbers impact Couple B when Couple B are using completely different postulates? Math should be free! Down with the archaic numeric straitjackets!! Fractals to the limit!!!