homosexuality is not normal


because the most primal “task” for mankind (and other species) is to reproduce and increase

we must try to diverse the political/cultural side from the topic of sexual orientation.

questions about gay marriage, gay-rights etc. is a completely different debate

Back in my college days, one of the dickheads in my dorm tried to make that argument. He would say that it wasn’t normal or that it was unnatural. I suppose that you could come up with some sort of semantically narrow definition of “not normal” or “unnatural” and I would agree with you. To what end though? If we agree that it’s not normal, what have you proved?

Sprechen Sie Englisch? Because that rant was incoherent in either language.

Does that mean worker bees and ants are also “not normal”?

I don’t claime that the person is abnormal, just the sexual orientation

homosexuals in the society, gay-rights issues etc. is a different topic

Neither is putting large amounts of silicone in female breasts to make them bigger and yummier - lots of what occurs in modern society isn’t normal, and I’m left wondering why being gay is the one that is always singled out for such punishment. Can’t we deal with the white-collar criminals and stealing CEOs first? They cause much more problems.

Typing without capitilization and punctuation isn’t normal either, does that mean we can get rid of you?

I think the word you’re looking for is “unusual.” It’s perfectly normal for a person to be gay. But even if it wasn’t normal, why would you feel the need to comment on it?

Please provide a cite for your first claim.

Please explain what the 2nd sentence means. Did you mean divorce the policital/cultural side?

wether you’re liberal or conservative conserning these issue is not the question.

If you can think of more than six things that humans do that is natural, I’ll debate the naturalness of homosexual sex.

So, as soon as we’ve contributed our share of children, we should just piss off and die? And people who choose celibacy (e.g, Catholic priests) – they contribute nothin to this “primal task”, and they should get on with sharing their genes, rather than wasting our time? And people who are found to be infertile? They’re abnornmal too, and we should get rid of them too?

So, why are you playing around here, instead of carrying out your primal task? You can’t reproduce using a computer, you know.

Sure. So what? Throughout all of human history, AFAWK, there have been homosexuals in the human population, and our species has “reproduced and increased” just fine. Homosexuality isn’t posing even the slightest risk to the survival of our species.

You’re mixing up the concepts of “normal” (often used to mean “appropriate, acceptable, healthy”) and “norm” (i.e., the standard, typical, or majority status). Yes, if homosexuality were the human norm—i.e., if most people were homosexual—that could have bad consequences for human survival.

But homosexuality isn’t the human norm, and never has been, and it looks fairly certain that it never will be. So who cares? The “survival of the species” argument is a complete red herring.

This should be moved to the pit, where an appropriate response can be made.

my point is that the cultural/political science have been the predominant tool to understand this issue. What about natural science?

the understanding of h. have been dominated by people who have advocated strongly for gay rights etc.

Let’s hope so.

As for the topic: so? Who cares about “normal”? Why care about “normal”?

No, I think the OP has a point.

When I think of all those times in my life when I, a man, had sex with my girlfriend or my wife while using contraception—not to mention the oral, the handjobs, the masturbation, the <miscellaneous>—the sheer abnormality of it all fills me with shame. I am truly a embarrassment to my species.

As any four-year-old (and the OP) will tell you, a penis is only for making wee-wee, and making a baby in a mommy’s tummy.

it’s not the question. You only assume things

You are the first person to use the word “abnormal” in this thread. I certainly didn’t and anyway, I didn’t claim that you made that claim.

Yes, it is. Why, then, do you keep bringing it up?

Wearing clothes isn’t normal. Brushing your teeth isn’t normal. Not dying of a heart attack isn’t normal. Eating cooked vegetables isn’t normal. Writing isn’t normal. Taking Tylenol isn’t normal. Going to school isn’t normal. A car isn’t normal. If by “normal” you mean "nature without culture. If that is what you mean, then you are wrong, since about 10% of all chordates, whether clothes-wearing or not, fuck animals of the sex.