Honda Civic anti theft system? Car Guys?

When I stopped at a store this evening after work, I locked my 2016 Honda Civic EXT as usual, using the proximity key fob. When I came out, I could not get my doors to unlock or the trunk to open. It is possible I may have been absentmindedly randomly pushing buttons on the fob right before this happened. Marker lights front and rear were on. I called Honda roadside assistance and while waiting on the tow truck to show up, I finally remembered the hidden key in the key fob. I got the door unlocked, the horn alarm started going off, so I jumped in and pushed the start button. Whoopee! It worked! Everything, including the key fob is now working fine. So what happened? Did I somehow trigger some antitheft system? I can’t find out anything about it in my owner’s guide and a quick Google came up short.

The horn blowing tells me the antitheft system was activated. Pushing a certain sequence of buttons on the fob may well have set the alarm. Why it would not unlock with the fob, regardless of whether the alarm was set, is a mystery to me. If you can get through to the right person at a Honda dealership they can probably explain it – though it’s shame if the info is not in the owner’s manual.

It’s a new car… If it was me I would go into the dealership and have a chat with the salesman. It *could *just be a temporary glitch, or it could let you down when you need it.