Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna

My wife and I are looking for a new van. Today we checked out both the Honda and Toyota. I liked the Toyota because it has all wheel drive but my wife liked the Honda because it seemed very similar to our Accord.
Anyone have any opinions on the vans.

I think you’re in for just a ‘pick-em’ scenario. Between my 3 siblings they have 2 Odyssey’s and 1 Sienna, and they all seem to be pretty good minivans.

I’d suggest making a very detailed list of pros and cons, discussing them thoroughly based on your family’s needs, then buying the one your wife wants.

That’s amazing bokap…about 3 weeks ago my wife and I were in the same situation.

We ended up going with the Sienna because of price…with similar options the Sienna was $2K less…but both vans were very good selections in our opinion.

If cost wasn’t an issue…I think we would have gone with the Honda because I’ve had great success with Hondas/Acuras in the past and I have both companies as clients and Toyota is a major pain in the ass…but honestly I think you are picking between two good options. Good Luck.

Another data point…if you are going to seek a loan through the dealerships…Honda, historically is known for not having as good as financial options as other OEMs…so that might factor into your decision as well.

LOL! But there’s certainly some truth there; if it’s going to be her car (how’s that for a sexist assumption?) you should definitely get the one she likes. She’ll treat it better, enjoy driving more, be less inclined to complain about it–all conducive to a happy life.