Honey-added whiskeys

I got some honey-laden Seagrams 7 and love it simply over ice (normally its a 7&7 for me). Last time in the store, I saw there were a variety of whiskeys with honey added. Is this the new big thing in whiskeys? Does this mean the Rusty Nail will make a comeback? Have you tried one and ow do you feel about it.

Abominations all, meant for the people who can’t handle real whiskey. Right down there with cherry flavor bourbons. There is a special circle of Hell reserved for those who perpetrate just Crimes Against Booze.

Honey and whiskey only belong together in a Hot Toddy, and even then it better damn well be lousy whiskey.

There is no better way to say “I hate America” than to drink honey whiskey. I’ve seen these things cropping up in liquor stores left and right, yet I seldom come across them in bars. I hope these go away, and soon.

If you like it, drink it with pride! It’s not to my taste, but that just means there’s more for you.

Sortilège is a Québécois liqueur you might enjoy - whiskey and maple syrup liqueur.

I’d actually be quite interested in tasting a peaty single malt that has been aged in a fresh Sugar Maple cask…

When you drink honey whiskey, the terrorists win!

Terrorist bees!

Worse - the Brits! And the Irish, and the Canadians. When you drink honey whiskey, you’re admitting that good old American booze isn’t potable unless adulterated.

Never heard of it - but I’ll look out for it and maybe give it a try.

Hmm. I like Honey. I like Scotch. I suppose I could cause Silenus to have an unexplained (to him) stroke by trying to blend some tonight, just to see what it tastes like.

Come the revolution, comrade…

The only thing worse than putting ketchup on steak is… not enjoying something you like just because purists call you names.

I really like the salty, smoky Islay scotches, but right now I’m imagining Laphroaig 10 yr with an overlay of honey and it doesn’t sound too bad.

True and agreed. Unless we’re talking about honey bourbon. That shit just ain’t right, yo.

If the revolution gets down to killing people for adulterating scotch, they can kill me for drinking it with cold water, which is the way I prefer it. IF I haven’t gotten to them first and put THEM against the wall for +Killing People For Silly Reasons+.

Uh… I actually like it. I’m not the type to invest lots of money into high grade liquors anyway so I am probably not the best judge, but I do like to drink half bourbon/half honey bourbon with a cube of ice. It’s kind of like dessert.

I’ll be right next to you at the wall, dude. A little water really opens up some single-malts, and not a few high-test bourbons. But really…honey bourbon?

There’s nothing wrong with adding a splash of water to your Scotch - hell, Laphroig recommends adding a bit of cool water.

So [del]does[/del] did Booker Noe, for bourbon.

I think it’s meant to be marketed to the young, who probably avoid whiskey as something old men drink, and are still stuck on The Sweet. All those stupid “martinis”, chocolate, lemon drop, cosmos - they are NOT real martinis. A real martini would scare the 21 years-and-one-day-old new drinker. Drowning the hard stuff in honey makes it go down easier.

Anyway. I like it, in a cup of hot tea on a cold night. Sleep later like a baby, I do. A tipsy baby.

I like it. As a matter of fact, I have a bottle of the Seagram’s at home and will probably have a sip tonight.