Honey Baked Ham

Can you buy Honey Baked Ham slices by the pound at the Honey Baked Ham store?

As far as I know, no. My brother worked at one as seasonal help once, and they basically just glazed the various hams (put some sort of sugar/honey stuff on them and blowtorched them apparently), wrapped them and sold them. According to their current website, they have bone-in and bone-out hams of various sizes along with sides, but you’re buying an entire quarter-ham or half-ham, not just 1.25 lbs of slices.


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The last time I went to one of their stores, the smallest quantity I could buy was 1/4 of a ham for about $30, I believe. That’s still way too much for two people.

They operate a deli in some of the stores - meaning you canbuy sandwiches - maybe its a per store decision?

Is O. j. Simpson still part owner of Honeybaked Ham?
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In my local HBH store, you can buy slices and also sandwiches. BTW their turkey/cranberry salad is out of this world.

I googled and found HoneyBaked Ham store locations. Would you consider calling the nearest store and asking them?

If you’re willing to put in the time there’s no amount of ham that’s too much for two people.

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The one near me sells bags of slices.

When I was grabbing the half-ham at the Northridge California franchise, they did have a freezer near the door loaded with 1lb and 2-lb vacuum-sealed packs of slices for people to grab as they wound their way back-and-forth through the store before getting to a cashier. There were also freezer-packed ham bones for those who wanted to grab one for soup stock (or a gift for the puppy?). Their quarter ham is just over 3 pounds; it seems they encourage patrons to get one of those rather than multiple pre-packs out of the freezer.

When it’s not Thanksgiving, Easter, or Winter Holiday prep season, they’re a regular restaurant. So was the one down in Clairemont Mesa California, so I figured they all operated that way. Do some of them just closed between the holiday rushes?


My local HBH sells sandwiches too. But since that’s not that overly helpful or interesting; I’ll add this… Do yourself and go to Costco and pick up $100 of HBH gift cards that only cost you $80.
It’s a great deal.
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