Honeymoon: Paris in Late September

Please give your opinion on Paris in late September. I’m getting married on Saturday, September 24, and I’m thinking about a honeymoon in Paris. Given the weekend’s schedule, it would be difficult, but we could probably leave by Sunday evening. However, with family in town, etc., it may be more practical to leave on Monday. This would get us into Paris on Tuesday morning. The problem is that we can’t return later than the following Sunday so that we can return to work by Monday, October 3.

Is Paris worthwhile given the time constraints and jet-lag, etc.?

What is the weather like that time of year?

Will a lot of rain be likely?

Any other honeymoon suggestions?

Any opinions are appreciated.


Late September is a fantastic time to go to Paris. Much fewer tourists and the weather is still nice. (The weather is relatively nice all year - I’ve been there in January and didn’t have to wear a winter coat.) A lot of rain is not normal in September - whatever is average for you is probably average for them. It’s not like April in London.

I think a Monday-Sunday trip is plenty of time. Paris is a short flight - is it about 8-9 hours from Chicago? Not as good as from NY/Boston (only about 6 hours) but still not horribly long. I’ve flown many times just for a weekend and it’s perfectly fine, so I don’t see why a week wouldn’t work even with the longer flight time.

In one week you can see a lot of Paris and many of the major attractions. Plus you can take pictures of yourselves while on the Bateaux-Mouches with a bridge behind you, which is a legal requirement for anyone honeymooning in Paris. :wink:

What kind of things to you want to see?

1 YES!

2 not that much and rainy Paris is great.

3 no, unless you add a side trip to Disneyland Paris
To heck with the fam and leave on Sunday. It’s your honeymoon, they’ll cut you some slack.

Take LOADS of pictures.

Once again, I’m going to advise to check the europe message board on www.fodors.com (click on “talk” then europe forum), which is, in my opinion the best and most active out there for ordinary travellers (there are better, more specialized boards for backpackers).
I’m sure the dopers can give you many good advices, but on a specialized message board, you’ll find tons of useful infos.

Concerning the weather, it’s highly variable in France, so no one could predict how it will be like. But generally, it’s quite pleasant in september, and there isn’t much rain.

Anytime is a good time to be in Paris. :cool: I’ve never been during high season (twice around Easter, and once in December 2003 all too briefly), so it was cold and rainy most of the time, but I didn’t care. Even if it’s not exactly picnic weather, there is still way too much to do in one week. ::sigh:: But then that just menas you have an excuse to go back.