What's the best month to visit Paris?

So I’m thinking of going to Paris next year for vacation for about 5-7 days. The 2 months I’m leaning towards are April & July. July mainly because if I travel the week of the 4th I can use 1 less PTO day, April because it’s April in Paris. Any thoughts?

I’ve been there in November. It’s always Paris.

The Tour de France finishes in Paris July 29th next year. If you have any interest in cycling it is pretty cool. If you have any interest in massive crowds you will also enjoy it. Otherwise, not a good day to be on the Champs-Elysées. The street itself is closed from the Arc de Triomphe to at least the Place de la Concorde. Lots of the most popular tourists spots are located here so…

July is the only month I’ve spent any significant time in Paris. I loved it.

PS I just spent 15 minutes looking for a book we have (used to?) on getting along with the French. Can’t find it and don’t know the title. Sure was helpful. :smack:

This last July was very hot, certainly in the middle two weeks when I was there (temperatures pushing up into the 30s C), and humid. Not always comfortable on public transport or if you want to do a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Air conditioning isn’t universal in Paris.

April weather can be variable; there might be an early summer feel, or there might be some rain and wind - which could be a good excuse to get into another café for a spot of people-watching.

Something to see every Friday night - the roller-blade rally around central Paris. Different route each week, but all leave from the Gare Montparnasse at 10pm.

I caught a terrible cold waiting to get into the Louvre in December.

In my experience, spring is much better in Europe than in North America, while fall is chilly and wet in Europe and generally nice in North America. Don’t go in August (everyone’s on vacation) and July is too hot. I voted for June, but April and May should be good too.

I thought June was too hot this year. Beautiful weather for going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower or riding one of the tour boats up and down the Seine, but not good for walking more than a few blocks. Walking across the Tuileries garden was uncomfortable with the sun, and I kept looking for a place to get some ice cream instead of, well, at Paris all around me.

The only other times I’ve been there were December and January, which is too cold and wet.

I agree that spring in Europe is ideal, not so many crowds, decent weather and long days. I’d pick mid-May.

My gf has been there twice, both times in May. She wants to go again (and maybe take me) next year in May.

A friend from St Martin is in Paris right now. He is freezing, says it’s only 10 degrees there! That sounds miserable, but it’s 50 Farenheit. He doesn’t want to buy a coat he will have to leave at the airport.

Why do you think they wrote “April in Paris?”

I’ve been there in all four seasons, but my top choices would be spring or fall.


With Belgium on Tuesday, of course.

I’ve only been there once, in late September – in fact, I just got back a week ago today. The weather was variable but mostly comfortable, and I’d definitely go at that time of year again. A small umbrella and/or a light jacket are key, but it never got too hot or too cold.

One bonus was being there to catch the start of fashion week: we got lucky enough to snag seats at an outdoor cafe facing the opera house on just the right day at just the right time, and saw a lot of fashion models and paparazzi. Definitely scored very high on the people-watching scale!

I used to visit Paris once a month for over three years. I’d vote for late-March or April.

I have been there twice, and to other European cities many times. The summer months are jammed with backpacking college students and families with children. If you don’t have to worry about timing it with school vacations for your children, then go while school is in session. You also might want to avoid spring break time.

Between your two choices I’d probably pick April. We just got back from Paris (late September) and it was very pleasant the whole time we were there.

Between the two, April every time, but I’ll vote for late September. Being outside any school holidays is critical.

Don’t visit Paris in the the springtime. It gives you the the horrible disease where you have to double the the word “the” “the” every time the the dang thing comes up in the the sentence that you’re writing!

August is usually Europe’s vacation time. So there won’t be as much to do if some places are closed, but on the other hand there will be fewer Parisians, so it’s a wash.

I went in September 2015 and the weather was perfect.