Hoo boy, the political ads are really starting to ramp up now

I live in Michigan, a swing state, so I may be seeing more of these political ads, and more often than some of you in other states. I don’t even watch much network television any more, but between the evening news, and having the morning shows on background while I’m working at home, I’m seeing plenty. And it’s going to be a looooong 4 months.

Here’s a pretty egregious one I saw for the first time this morning. I’ll describe it but not gonna link to it: A police department answering machine message is saying “due to defunding of the police department, there is no one currently available to help. Please leave a message. Dial 1 for rape, dial 2 for murder…average response time is 5 days”. This over footage of rioters in black hoodies breaking windows and causing general mayhem. A caption says “Biden supporters want to defund the police”. Not Biden, Biden supporters, because Biden is on record saying he doesn’t want to defund the police…but who cares about small details like that. Finally Biden’s face is superimposed over a burning building with the caption “You won’t be safe in Biden’s America”.

It was a perfect complement to trump’s batshit crazy apocalyptic culture war speeches over the 4th of July weekend. And the nuttiness is just beginning…

Fearmongering is always a popular theme. I still remember Santorum’s dystopian “Obamaville” commercial.

I mean, these things are blatant horseshit but there are a lot of frightened, petty people out there who respond to them. It’s still a long time to November.

Wow, I just watched the “Obamaville” commercial on YouTube. That was a straight-up 60 second horror movie. I bet the movie “The Ring” was an inspiration. Thank God Obama didn’t get reelected; we really dodged a bullet there!

Downplaying, of course, the fact that many of us aren’t safe in Trump’s America thanks to his mishandling of the pandemic.

Here in SC there have been numerous commercials about how horrible Biden is for not having abject hatred for China. Also candidates talking about how much they loves them some guns, Trump, and Jesus.

Adding: I haven’t seen polls on this, but the “you must hate and fear China” thing seems to be falling flat. Even the Republican base doesn’t seem to be whipping into a good old-fashoned Red Scare over it.

It’s ironic to me that pro-police ads and groups talk about ‘rape’ as though police handle rape well. I know a number of people who have been raped or sexually assaulted, and none of them actually had a good experience with the police - in many cases they felt that the treatment they received from police was more traumatizing than the rape itself.

I can do the police ‘rape response’ pretty well on a volunteer basis - aggressively question the victim about what they were wearing and doing and insist that it might be their fault, take a rape kit and then throw it in a warehouse and never test it, then drop the entire case long before it gets to any conviction.

I think part of the reason that that line of attack has fallen flat is because of the claim from Bolton’s book that trump begged Xi to buy agricultural products from the US to help him win reelection.

I’ve started seeing anti-Pritzker (our governor) ads in Illinois. Last night I saw an anti-anti-Pritzker ad.

Which is especially strange because he’s not up for re-election until 2022.

Yeah, it seems like the attack ads are starting earlier all the time.

Here in AZ we are getting a double whammy - a borderline swing state so lots of ads for Lord Dampnut and a Republican Senate Seat at very high risk. McSally ads run as much (or more) against Biden as they do against Mark Kelly. During her losing campaign in 2018 McSally ads were all about her fighter pilot background; I guess that doesn’t play as well going against someone with combat flying experience as well as space shuttle pilot experience.

Well, that’s because these days they can’t just say outright that the threat is that you-know-who are coming to “defile the virtue of our women”.

I don’t know, trump is coming closer and closer to saying pretty much exactly that.

I only see a few since I DVR most shows . Haven’t seen Biden ad but I’ve seen a few Trump ads

Yeah, I’ve been enjoying the anti-trump ads. Especially the one where they play the clip where he says at the Tulsa rally “I said to my people, I said, slow the testinnng DOWWWN please!” I’m surprised that hasn’t seemed to hurt him more or cause a bigger scandal-- he’s on camera saying he wanted to (or actually did) slow down Covid testing in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic. I seem to remember dubya getting way more flak for his botched handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Even the ones I agree with get old after the first couple hundred times…

I’m actually enjoying watching some of the GOP primary ads for the Senate seat in Kansas as they trash each other.

One thing I’ve noticed in a lot of GOP primary ads so far is they are still running on the “government is terrible, drain the swamp in DC” theme. :roll_eyes:

Well, there are still a lot of Deep State operatives ensconced in federal government that trump is tirelessly and thanklessly fighting against, and he needs all the help he can get (/sarcasm)