hoof and mouth disease and killer bees here?

Do you think the epidemic will spread here to North America.

Will a cow with hoof and mouth disease in Texas run into a swarm of killer bees within the next few years?

Don’t worry. The Black Helicopters will swoop down and surgically excise all of the cow’s affected organs for transport back to the Secret Underground Laboratory in Nevada.

The last outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the US was in 1929 and we’ve been free of it since then. FMD is a serious, easily transmissible disease among livestock, and it’s difficult to control once it gets started. Animal byproducts from areas known to be infected are prohibited entry into this country. There’s always a chance of accidental introduction into the United States - it can even be spread to livestock from people who come in contact with infected animals and carry the virus on their clothing or footwear. If it gets here and gets out of control, the economic toll could be devastating.

I realize this was a “tongue in cheek” (TIC vs FMD) question, but thought I’d take this opportunity to eradicate a little ignorance anyway.

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