Is George W. Bush responsible for hoof & mouth disease?

Hey all you conspiracy theorists, here’s a new one for you.

Until recently, there haven’t been any reported cases of hoof and mouth disease in something like 50 years. Now, there are outbreaks of the disease all over England and new reports of an outbreak in France. This prompted the FDA to put a ban on all meat imported from Europe.

Now, who would benefit from an import ban? Why, the Texas cattle industry…As former Texas Governor, George W. has lots of friends in that industry. Now that George is president, he’s got control of the military and its secret germ warfare labs. Those labs work with all sorts of diseases from anthrax to botulism. One could also assume they work with hoof and mouth disease too…

Did George order a release of a biological weapon in England to benefit the Texas cattle industry? Let’s hear what you think…

This isn’t really a General Question. It seems more like a rant in the form of one. Also, so you know, there haven’t been any outbreaks of foot in mouth disease in the North America in about 50 years (latest was Mexico in 1954), but there have been outbreaks in elsewhere more recently than that. You might want to check RTE’s webpage about the disease.

I think the OP is living up to his screen name.

Well, part of it anyway.

We have not been importing beef from Europe for quite some time because of mad cow disease. So I think that Clinton is behind it.

Nope. I blame it on either El Nino or the Y2K bug.

You’re all wrong. It’s the Serbians, getting revenge for attacking them. Their plan is to turn the rest of Europe into vegans, so they’ll be too weak to resist when Serb tanks reclaim their land.

If Dubya wanted to eradicate competition for cattle for his fellow Texans, choosing hoof and mouth disease was a pretty risky way to do it. HAM spreads through airborne toxins, and is extremely contagious. It would be very easy for some sabateur to get the vermin and import to Texas and release it into cattle populations. The airborne pest would quickly turn Texas into a bovine burial ground.

Hey maybe diceman is on to something here, but I don’t think its the Serbs. Maybe a group of overzealous vegetarians is trying to convert the rest of the world.

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Since you appear willing to make up a conspiracy theory entirely from scratch and post it in a public place without a shred of evidence, it is clear that you have a lot of ignorance yet to be eradicated.

Well, you’re in the right place! Read some threads, have some fun, and I promise you will learn a lot.

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Besides, everybody knows that this foot-and-mouth is a genetic experiment gone horribly amiss. It was probably started by those rabble in the “kibble for humans” thread a few weeks ago.