Hook do you like or not

I’ve scene more than review of hooking saying it was one Spielberg’s and Robin William’s worst film witch i always thought was really unfair i mean what about Jurassic park 2 and Mrs. Doutfire .

Personally I’ve always thought hook was great film and have always had a soft spot for it. The ending always chokes me up bit and dose a great job of weaving joy and at once.

PS anyone else looking forward to the new Live action Peter Pan film

Very, very, very, very excited about the live action Peter Pan. I’m very into Peter right now, so I’m just about dying with anticipation.

Hook was all right–certainly not the best movie, but a fair adaptation of the ever present “What if Peter Pan…did…grow up…?” I think it could have been done better, but no specific complaints. Merely a lackluster film.

With ET, Spielberg learned some of the techniques for manipulating an audience to tears. He tried to use the same techniques for Hook, but they fell flat because he hadn’t established the same kind of emotional connection between characters and audience and he was apparently unaware of this.

It was alright. Robin Williams’ worst movie was Toys, though.

I saw it at the cinema when I was ten and I can remember enjoying it, so it couldn’t of been that bad.

I hated/dispise Hook.

I didn’t dislike it per se, but I was always scared by it when I was younger. Especially the part where Williams gives his “I’m gonna grow up and die” speech :frowning: .

Overall, I didn’t like it.

The whole look of the movie is what I disliked the most. Bad lighting, too. Everything just looked incredibly fake. Julia Roberts was bland. The music was overdone. The sentimentality was overdone.

However, I can find some good things about this movie:

I thought Dustin Hoffman was pretty good as Hook.
Robin Williams wasn’t as bad as I thought he would be.
The boo box. We need a real life boo box around here.
The sequence where Peter recounts how he falls in love and leaves Neverland, marries, becomes a father, etc., I thought was well done.

But still, it wasn’t one of Spielberg’s better efforts.

Oh, and there is a live action Peter Pan film coming out? I hadn’t heard about it. I’m intrigued, since J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan was one of the books I liked when I was a kid.

After googling to find out more about it, I learned that Jeremy Sumpter is playing the title role. He was in Frailty, and did a damn good job, too. I haven’t seen any trailers or commercials for the movie, so I’ll have to make up my mind as to whether or not I will see it if the previews look promising.

It was an entertaining movie, but nothing special. Didn’t capture my imagination enough to be memorable.

I watched it for the first time in about ten years a few months ago and I thought it was OK. I really loved it as a kid. I really liked Dustin Hoffman’s performance, though. You could tell he had fun playing Captain Hook which is good because Hook is a fun villain. Bob Hoskins was good as Smee, much better than the bumbling character in the Walt Disney cartoon. I also liked the kid who played Jack. Not the best Spielberg movie, but good enough.

Christmas day. Cite

Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook?? Awesome.

I really liked it- and I am grateful that it got me to read Barrie’s PETER PAN and the accompanying short stories.

and MAJOR kudos for showing the actual origin of Peter!

Saw the preview for Peter Pan this weekend at Hulk. I may see it if for no other reason than to see Jason Isaacs as the Captain. He looked fantastic in the role!