hooking up laptop to TV: audio out Q.

I have an older Dell laptop: Latitude D520. I have hooked it up to my Sony Bravia TV, and got the video working fine with the VGA cable that came with the laptop. That is the only output the laptop has.

However, the only sound comes from the poor laptop speakers. I want to stream Netflix videos to the TV via this.

The laptop does not have any audio-out except the headphone sockets. If I hook a cable from the PC Audio In socket on the back of the TV to one of the headphone sockets on the laptop, would that work? In fact, if I use a Y-connector to both outputs, would that be OK?

I only ask here without testing it, as it is such a job to get to the back of the TV, I want to avoid that if possible unless it would work.

yes, it should work.

ETA: but chances are you have only one headphone output on your laptop, unless you’ve got some unusual model I’ve not seen. the other one is probably either a line-in or mic in.

Yes, it will work, but if your laptop is like most, only one of the sockets is for headphones. The other one is a microphone input, so make sure you plug into the correct one. You will need a cable like this one to connect to your TV.

Thanks, darned if you are not right. Nothing in the Guide shows this. If I look with a magnifying glass, i see there are microscopic little icons next to each one showing what it is. Who wouldda known?

Actually, among my box full of all sorts of cables, i found one that is just like the link you showed.