HDMI cable from laptop to TV. No sound? WTH?

Why is it I can get sound from my cable box to my TV but I can not get sound going from my laptop to my TV? (Using a HDMI cable)

I have win7 if that matters.

Thanks for any feed back.

Most video cards only support video output through HDMI. Your best bet is to run a ministereo cable from the audio line out or headphone jack on your laptop, depending on what it has. You’ll need to change the audio setting on the TV to match the correct input as well.

It depends on how old the video chipset (i.e., laptop) is. I know that most video cards for desktop pc’s have supported audio pass-through for the last couple of years at least. Even the low end nVidia GT210 which sells for about $15 will do it. But I did try to do some research and just got forum hits (ok, but not really authoritative). Apparently though, this feature didn’t debut with the HDMI port appearing on cards.

What Apex said may indeed be the issue, but just in case it’s not, definitely check your manual for the lappy or download the pdf from the manufacturer (pretty much everybody will have the manuals on their web site).

Another thing to keep in mind though, if not for this computer, others in your home, is that there are different protocols like certain flavors of dolby that I think also have to be supported by the card. I don’t really understand this if it’s just a pass-through situation, but it’s something I’ve heard.

I was using the low end nVidia card above on my HDTV PC, and I never noticed any issues, but that’s not really saying much.

Have you set the sound to output to the HDMI audio?

Did you unplug your headphones?

What Quartz said, you probably will have to right-click on the speaker icon, select playback devices, then enable the HDMI output. You might also have to reboot the computer with the HDMI cable plugged in. Depends on the A/V chipset.

Also, some actual chipsets were not HDCP compliant meaning that they will only output a video stream and can’t do audio. But, any newer laptop with an i3, -5, i7-series processor is HDCP compliant by default and it should work.

Also, you can have a driver conflict or the like. I have a USB surround sound adapter and it does not allow for HDMI audio out now.

Also, check your TV to see if it’s expecting audio from HDMI or analog. Mine can get video from HDMI and audio from analog, just for computers that can’t do audio over HDMI.