Hooray! After two years...

of struggling with the chanter, doubling, throwing and gripping, the pipe major gave me another “chune” today, and told me to start saving for pipes!!

Okay, it’s not like I’m actually starting the pipes tomorrow, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel - pibroach in the air - neighbours looking worried!

Cha Gheil!!


Huh? I don’t mean to be too obtuse here, but what are you talking about?:wink:

Anyways, congrats.! (uh, I think…)

Are you having us all over for haggis, then?

Bagpipes, Astroboy! Bagpipes!

The Great Highland Pipes - the War Pipes - the Neighbour’s Terror!

I’m approaching the point of being able to play them - if not well. (hence the neighbour’s terror)

Well, lemme know when you learn how to play them well, 'cause I love the pipes!

jti: Do you know what the difference is between a trampoline and the bagpipes?

A: People take their shoes off before they jump on a trampoline.

Q: Do you know what a gentleman is?

A: A gentleman is a guy that can play the bagpipes, and doesn’t.

You have to study for TWO YEARS before you can buy an instrument? You have to have permission just to save up to buy it?

Dedication and insanity. Interesting. Wonder it there’s a correlation between pipers and SOF subscriptions.

Bagpipes!! Aha!

Double congrats to you, then! Bagpipes have to be the COOLEST instrument EVER to know how to play!

You go, girl! :slight_smile:

Wow, and I thought I was the only person here who knew what that meant! Thanks for the infusion of Scots Gaelic into my day. :smiley:

Oh, and congrats, btw…

Danalan, it’s not that I need permission; it’s just that one generally learns to play the pipes in stages, because they’re a difficult instrument to learn. I’ve started on the chanter, to learn the fingering and the various grace note patterns (the doublings, throws, grips, mentioned above; there’s also tachoms, truluaths and crunluaths). No point in buying the pipes unless you make it past the first, basic stage. (For more information, see: most difficult musical instrument to learn and/or play?)

Pipeliner, I’d love to, but I dunno; the Beloved may have some qualms about having 11,000 coming over for haggis. Maybe a select few, at a Riders tailgate party? Haggis and football - the trendy new social event.

Astroboy, thanks for the encourgement, but one minor point - I’m a guy!

[other comments on the pipes studiously ignored]


Actually, I meant “You go, girl!” In Oprah mode; not as a gender reference. :wink:

I still think it’d be WAY cool to be able to play the bagpipes! Imagine being at a party: everyone is slightly bored, and the beer has run out… Astroboy whips out the bagpipes, and proceeds to play “My Sharona”… it would only be seconds before every female at the party had showered me with panties!!

How cool!:smiley:

And I bet there’s no string winder involved!

My apologies, Geobabe - that was directed to those philistines, PharmBoy and Pipeliner.

Encouraging comments on the pipes are always welcome!

StephenG - just checked your profile - I probably picked up “Cha Gheil” at the same place you did: “Oil thigh na ban Righ gin…”

and best of luck to the women’s b-ball team in Edmonton!