Hooray! My Art Got Noticed!

What are the odds that the first bit of guerrilla art I do get picked up by my favorite (gaming) news blog? Linky
My friends and I actually put it up about a month ago, and figured I might of had a chance (Kotaku likes to put up people’s game art) but I had pretty much given up by now.
More pics. (and proof it was really me ^^)

Anybody else ever make some guerrilla art?

Hey, that’s pretty cool! Did you have it drawn out on a grid first or do it as you went?

That’s awesome! Both the pole and the fact that it got noticed :smiley:

We didn’t mark a grid on the pole first, if that’s what you’re asking. We just had some copies of the image printed out and just followed those, on row on top of the next.

Congrats Aioua, I saw this earlier today on Digg.com :slight_smile:

Hey that’s pretty cool! Do you plan on doing more?

Yeah, just gotta get some more of my friends together. The first one has lasted pretty long, so we might do a whole series.