Hooray!! We made it!

Is this the first post on the new server? I doubt it, but who cares, we made it! Woo hoo! :cool:

And we can edit! Yay!


Just tested the edit function (again).

My lips are sealed.

Let us never speak of our experiences on the Twilight Board.

My lips are salad.

Oooo, edit function. Sparkly.

Dagnabit, all my Giant Red Spiders are Gone!
It’s as if they never existed. :eek:

“Hello, my name is Ophelia Rage, and I’ll be your server. Would you like to start with an appetizer?”

Alas, we lost our masterpieces. I suspect, **Jerry ** archived them off to blackmail us with. :wink:


test editing here

Speaking of archived masterpieces, did we get any old threads back?

I believe **Jerry ** and **Tuba ** said might well be done, but not immediately.


Yes, the trouble with unsearchable OP’s for some users appears to be fixed.

Wait… new server? EDITING?!? Can someone update me on all of this please?

We are on a new faster server after a week of open testing.

We currently have a 5-minute editing feature.

We currently have private messaging if you go into your options and turn it on. Something I forgot to do earlier.

I believe we have RSS feeds enabled.

That is all I know of.


Why allow editing?

I mean, it could end up causing a lot of confusion with the “You said” and “no, I said this and only edited because I made a typo…” etc…

It is only for 5 minutes, and only on a trial basis. If it causes grief, I am sure they will pull the plug. So let us hope that our fellow posters will not abuse this very nice feature that many of us have begged for.