Hoover dam or Golden Gate bridge?

Which of these two sights is more awe inspiring?

I’ve been to Hoover dam a couple times, and have been awe inspired… however, I’ve always wanted to visit San Fran, and see the Golden Gate bridge, among other things. Has anyone seen both? And which of the two would be considered more of a marvel?

My vote would go to the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see it from so many different angles, drive over it and view other grand sights from it. Both are amazing to view and contemplate what went into building them. Also the bridge looks different at different times of the day, night and in different weather (especially thinking of fog in this case).

See something new. The GG Bridge with the bay & sky & other environs presents a magnificent sight. It is much more romantic than the dam. There are no songs about leaving one’s heart at Hoover Dam. :slight_smile: Also, it should be much cooler in SF than in the Vegas area. Plus, many more things to do & see. Have fun!

I’ve seen both and don’t really see any reason to compare them. My secret ambition is too stand in the middle of Hoover Dam roadway and let a bowling ball roll down the face of the dam. Maybe someday when the doctor says I’ve only got six months left I’ll do it.

David, they’d probably shoot you. The dam is well guarded right now.

I’ve seen both more than once, and there is no comparison. Both are fantastic fun, but they are entirely different. I think you would learn more at Hoover, but it would be a one trick pony vacation, unless you wanted to go to Gemmorah and gamble. Sodom by the Sea (or Bagdad by the Bay as Herb used to call it) is the cool gray city of love, and the bridge (with civil war era fort underneath) is spectular engineering, architecture, transportation, romance, fun, etc.

Come of San Francisco, spend your money, ride a cable car, dine at Tadich’s, kiss your honey on the top of Twin Peaks at midnight. Catch a revival at the Castro theater and hear the mighty Wurlitzer, see the gay folks that get the fundies so riled up. Go down to City Hall and demand to meet Willie Brown in person, tell his staff you are an out of town rube and heard that he is stylish and smart (he is vain enough to want to be seen publicly by weird strangers.)

There are great museums, etc.

Or, go to Hoover dam, then go to Vegas. Lose your money on “gaming”. Eat good, but not great food cheap. See the auto museum at the Imperial. See the Cirque de Soliel and a few other shows. Shop at the Forum. I haven’t been for 5 years, so there are hotels I haven’t seen, but I usually don’t go just for the hotels.

See Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Sedona, and don’t gamble!

I’ve seen the Bridge, but not the Dam. I would think the Dam is the greater engineering wonder.

Suspension bridge technology was already well-established when the Golden Gate was built (it was, after all, built after the Brooklyn Bridge), but I don’t think a dam of the size and complexity of Hoover Dam had been attempted before.

Fun fact: most dams are curved to take advantage of the strength properties of arches. Hoover Dam is curved, but this is purely for aesthetic and psychological-security reasons. It’s so strong that it didn’t need to be curved!

I’d say the Dam tour is pretty fascinating, or it was when I went. They take you down inside it and show you various points of interest. It’s not just a solid piece of concrete, it’s a working facility. It’s a marvel to be making one’s way through rooms and corridors which are surrounded by many tons of concrete.

But if you’ve been there and done that, then you should go to SF. Make sure you walk across the Golden Gate; it’s the only way to really see it. There’s a bus you can catch from downtown that takes you over to the Sausalito side; from there you can walk back. Needless to say it’s a great deal more walking than the Hoover Dam tour, so you shouldn’t do it if you’re not up to that.

Another vote for the Golden Gate.

If you get there, drive over to the Marin Headlands. The view to seaward is beautful, and the view of the bay… well, as a friend said, “we don’t know anything. We haven’t a clue.”

I’ve seen neither in person, so I figure that makes me just as qualified as those who’ve seen both.

As a feat of engineering, the Hoover dam wins hands down. Just last night, I watched a program on it. It’s so heavy that the weight of the dam depressed the earth’s crust at that location by a measurable amount, and triggered over 4000 minor earthquakes. The interior of the dam is still curing, and as it does so, the dam will become even stronger.

No one had ever attempted to build such a big dam, and it’s not like the Golden Gate was the first ever suspension bridge. I’ll say it’s prettier than the Hoover dam, though.

both are very cool. lived in vegas and spent alot of time out there, before they fucked up the roads around the lake. took a tour around the bay area and enjoyed the bridge and presidio as well. my advise: see them both. make time for a second vacation later on. SFO in the summer, Southern Nevada in the winter.

ps: the grand canyon and sedona ain’t nowhere near Hoover dam! (inasmuch as you could easily see both in a day) however, do make sure you see red rock canyon soon, before its overgrown with development and also valley of fire to the north of vegas. preferably by motorcycle…

You must choose, but choose wisely.

True, gato, and I was really reaching for Canyon de Chelly, but I like to stay a while when I am vacationing. I did do the dam and the Red Rock Canyon on a Harley when I was “standed” in Vegas early Sep. Dam exhibits were still closed, road had just re-opened. Nice ride, though.

I think UncleBill has some good points. The American Southwest is mythic for a reason. I’ve seen a lot of it. But isn’t isn’t accessible in a week, but rather a lost summer (or spring better yet), whereas the cool gray city of love is all in one place, and you can do a goodly chunk in a few days, or a lifetime.