Hop 'n Gator revisited

Alright. I bought the 6 pack of Hop 'N Gator. $1.49 for 6 12 ounce glass bottles (in the original thread I mistakenly said it was $1.48. My bad).

A web search, including Rate Beer.com provided no real info on this stuff. Some, but not a lot. Most of it was about the 1970’s version, not this new stuff. Even the beers brewer, Pittsburgh Brewing Company doesn’t have any info on their web site that I could find.

After some pasta & homemade meatballs courtesy of my Italian love doll, I opened a bottle.

STRONG aroma of sweat. Sweat & salt.
One swig and I knew exactly what this is: Beer & Gatorade!:eek: No shit! Theres no question that’s what it is. Beer (hence the “Hop”) and lemon/lime Gatorade. [hence the “Gator”)

And, no, it doesn’t taste like a cheap version of Zima. It’s Beer and Gatorade through & through. Leaves a real sweatysalty taste.
I’d still like to find out the alcohol content. See if it’s at least a value as an alcohol delivery system. Probably not. I don’t notice any strong presence of intoxicant. It’s like it’s made with a cheap light beer like Blatz light.

Oh, well. You get what you pay for.

Now if I could just figure out what that sound is at the begining of Silly Love Songs. :wink: