Pabst beer & grunge

Just went to the Pabst mansion in Milwaukee. Was told that Pabst’s biggest customers are grunge folks. The reason was the cheap price & the red, white & blue cans. This guy knew what he was talking about- anybody else heard this?

All I’ve ever heard is that it’s the Manos of beer. poor college students and young and un-picky are the most common punchlines, I suppose.

It is a fairly popular beer in the alt-country scene. As in, I drink this shit, I must be cool.

Yeah, the guy told me when Pabst lowered their price w/ the ad campaign, “A premium beer at a regular price.” Or something like that, Pabst began its downward spiral.

So that’s the answer: cheap.

This has been mentioned in trend articles for the last couple of months. I assume that the Pabst and Bush and - what is the northeastern beer in the white and gold? - PR people have been busy.

I’ve always noticed that places with 400 imported beers always have a couple of beer-belly brands for the cool factor.

It’s also sort of an ‘in-thing’ with the indie rawk kids, from what I’ve seen.

I have been known to enjoy a PBR tall boy now and again. Of course, if there’s a good list, I don’t want it, but I much prefer PBR to bud/miller/etc.

I’ve got a live MP3 of the Get Up Kids singing a little ditty called Pabst Blue Ribbon. I always thought it was about icecream, but I think that’s because there’s an icecream brand here called Blue Ribbon. And Pabst sounds kinda Norwegian.

So, it seems that it’s the emo beer of choice. Must taste good with tears.

Wonder if its cachet stems at all from its featured placement in Blue Velvet?

Of course true northwest Grunge nerds drank RAINIER GREEN DEATH
Or Hood River vodka.

I was going to say the same thing. Especially with that wonderful spokesperson, Frank Booth:

PBR must have really appreciated that kind of publicity. :slight_smile:

Pabst doesn’t even exist anymore as a brewing company. They only exist on paper and contract Miller Beer to produce their product. It was cool beer when they were independant, now they’re owned by a company that owns a dozen or more smaller labels and contracts other beer companys to make it.

I usually only drink Guinness, or nice ales and dark beers. But there’s something I’ve always liked about Pabst Blue Ribbon, and now it is impossible to find in Florida. Occasionally a bar will have it (and highly overpriced), but supermarkets don’t carry it anymore. I do like it more than the Miller and Bud families.

It definitely seems to be trnedy among hipsters, musicians, people I call “scene kids” here in Gainesville. When I’d see rockabilly and psychobilly bands perform, PBR was always their beverage of choice too.

There’s also the classic country tune with the line, “With my red neck, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer…” by Johnny Russell.

FTR, it hit #4 in 1973.

Pabst beer is grunge!

It’s probably right that another co. now makes Pabst. The founder, was a German fellow named, of all things, Pabst, about 120 years ago.

Q. Why is American beer like having sex in a canoe?

A. Because they’re both fucking close to water.

Orson Welles used to pitch PBR beer on some radio shows. “Blended, spledid.” Supposedly, PBR was a blend of dozens of America’s finest brews.

Years ago,supposedly. I think their promo was, “The one beer to have when you’re having more than one.” None of that"drink responsibly "disclaimer crap.

Rumor has it that Orson fathered the late Tim McIntyre,actor, while on a set. (The resemblance was amazing). I guess Orson was loaded on PBR.


Actually, I believe that was the slogan for Schaeffer, not Pabst. But the sentiment is certainly there with Pabst’s slogan, “I’ve got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind.”

I’m a little upset that it’s becoming trendy now to drink PBR, because I don’t want to drink a trendy beer. But, I will continue to drink it. I started because it was cheap, but kept buying it because it tastes pretty damn good, for a lawnmower beer. Beats the heck out of Budweiser, for example.

Guinness, etc., are a different animal altogether, of course.