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Pabst Blue Ribbon, generally reguarded as beer for the lower classes, is held in unusally high esteem in Portland. One would not be exaggerating to call PBR trendy. Is this just an anomaly or does PBR carry an exalted status in other lands?

It is? News to me. Personally, I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

I have noticed a strange “regonality” (is that a word?) with certain beers. Schaffer’s, which I drank GALLONS of in college (it was cheaper than water, fer christs sake!) is pretty much despised on the west coast, but sweet hot shit back east. Rolling Rock is some kind of trendy brew out here, but folks I met from Penn wouldn’t touch the stuff! Probably just a bunch of marketing.

Can’t say as I have ever had PBR, but the image out here is that it is shit, on par with Miesterbrau (a beer I would consider turning down even if free)

By the way, Antartica (from Brazil, of all places) is one damn fine beer wherever you are!

The black eye was just a misunderstanding. She thought I said that she must attract a lot a admirers with her wits. I told her she misunderstood…

Are you doubting the ubiquitousness of it, or the trendiness of it?
Anyways, Beer Snobs who actually dare try PBR for the most part find it a 'on-shitty’brew… even if only privately:D

Beer snob checking in…
In my opinion, PBR is one step behind Natural Light for the title of “worst beer imaginable.”

(incidentally, is this really a Cafe Society thread?)

Well, in my “longneck of the woods” (I’m from Texas, get it?) - Pabst Blue Ribbon is piss beer! (weak as piss, tastes like piss.) Excuse my French. Considered on par with Coors, Michelob, Bud. Low brow all the way.


Mexican beer:
I have always been intrigued about the popularity of Corona with US citizens.
In Mexico Corona seems to be a working man’s Budweiser.
Folks with experience ask for Bohemia.

Australian beers that you wouldn’t touch in Australia are unfathomably popular in the UK.

Australian beers that you wouldn’t touch in Australia are unfathomably popular in the UK.

Heineken is not the best Dutch pilsner. Not by a LONG shot.

Particularly since it’s shipped to the U.S. in green bottles which do little to protect the beer from UV light. UV light, as we all know, skunks a beer like nothing else. Green and clear bottles are worthless.

Heineken is regarded as one step up from Skol in the UK. I can’t remember seeing a pub serving it, only off-licenses selling it in half-litre cans for 75p.

I don’t really doubt it, I just wasn’t aware of it. Most of the folks I know are either “beer snobs” (like me), or don’t much care for beer (phillistines!). But then, I’m not very social anyway. Plus I only visit the microbrew section at the store, so I wouldn’t have noticed if PBR was a big seller or not.

Well, I’ll just take your word for that, 'kay?:wink:

By the way, are you going to the Brewfest this weekend?

Oh, and I concur that Heineken and Corona are only considered good beer by folks who don’t know beer.

Well, it’s not shipped, probably. Heineken owns breweries all around the world: IIRC, it’s the largest brewing company after Anheuser Bush. In addition, it’s not just the clear glass: the export variety is of poorer quality than the local version. If you ask me, it’s tailored to the American market. Heineken Export kinda tastes like Bud to me.

The Dutch version is not that bad, but even then, there’s tons of other brands that make a better pilsner.

And in an utterly bizarre marketing stunt, Heineken is now promoting the export variety as Longnecks for the local market.

People will drink anything as long as it’s considered “trendy”.

Not much to add other than it’s all about location.

Look at mine and that will give you a hint to what I drink. The best of it type in the world IMO :slight_smile:

And Coldfire don’t start annoying me about the Cork muck :wink:

Actually, I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to Stout. Sure, Murphy’s is still fine, but I’ve grown more and more fond of the St. James’ Gate stuff - ever since we downed a pint or two at that very location. Besides, Murphy’s is owned by Heineken - how good can it really be? :wink:

Yeah, Guinness is pretty good. At least, it’s a decent substitute when you can’t get any Obsidian Stout or Sierra Nevada Stout.:wink:

(Brits, don’t feel bad that these western US brewers make better ale than yours do. It’s a good thing when the student surpasses the master.)

I can’t believe nobody has quoted “Blue Velvet” yet.

Leave it to me.

Dennis Hopper’s character - “Heineken? F*** that shit! P.B.R.!”

PBR is actually pretty decent for a cheap beer.

Ah, so much to learn, grasshopper. I see your US attempts and raise you the British Beer Festival at Kensington Olympia!