Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Music video by Skuzz Twitty. Had me laughing my ass off:

I wanna nail the blonde.

ETA: Twittly. I was too late to edit.

That was all kinds of awful, dammit. :dubious:

So, what kind of beer do you like?

I enjoy many beers; among them is PBR. I got a sixer of tall boys earlier this week.
ETA…the blonde? Rly??

Yah, she was hot. I like small tits.

We used to drink PBR when we were teens, and trying to drunk cheap. That, and Black Label. You could buy a case for $4!

That was terrible and hilarious. It’s 10:00 here, and I finally laughed today!

PBR used to be my dad’s beer until he switched to even cheaper beers. I always liked it, although I haven’t had it for a while. I should pick some up on my next beer run. I’m an old guy, so I won’t be mistaken for a hipster. Hopefully.


Hehe. That made me chuckle. Pabst is actually a pretty all-right beer for the style. I still remember being somewhere between Milwaukee and Green Bay, getting it on tap at some bar and thinking to myself, “Wow, this stuff is actually pretty decent.” I don’t know if it was just the joy of traveling or any beer would have tasted great after the hours driving from Chicago but, I swear, that beer was just what I wanted at the time. It’s not going to replace Old Style as my American light lager of choice (well, Yuengling would probably win that if it were available here), but it’s respectable. I don’t mind that it’s been co-opted by hipsters, as it just makes it all the more available, and if I have a choice of cheap beer outside of Budweiser or Miller, I’m happy.