Hop on the Mahoney Baloney Pony!

Politicians is soooo stupid. The guy who replaced Mark Foley ® in 2006, after it had been discovered that Foley couldn’t keep his pants fastened around young men, has been busted because he apparently couldn’t keep his pants fastened around middle-aged women.


His campaign line was “Restoring America’s values begins at home.” And tearing down your marriage begins in a seedy motel.

Mashed potato!
Do the Alligator!
Do that Jerk, y’all!
Come on, watch me work!

Sigh. Florida, Land of a Thousand Dunces.

I think it’s something in the water, myself. I’m not sure if i’ll vote for him now.

So that joke that says how you can tell a male Democratic politician from a male Republican politician is true?

I’d like to hear that joke, i don’t believe i know it.

Thing that disappoints me most, is he just got in 3 years ago, due to Foley’s misconduct and he’s got caught with his DICK in the cookie jar ALREADY. How stupid can a motherfucker be?

You can almost guarantee that any politician running on a “family values” platform is secretly boffing their (gender non-specific) secretary.

I recommend they run on an economy or community platform, so the hypocrisy is less blatant.

Basically, it’s how do you tell a Republican Political sex scandal from a Democrat’s? The Democrat gets caught with women.*

*this assumes the Politician to be male, of course.