Hopefully a simple Excel question

I’m not finding this one easy to Google…

Is there a way to change the font of the text of the worksheet tabs? All that’s on the tab context menu is the tab colour, and I can’t see any option elsewhere.

According to this article, you have to change some settings in Windows to do what you want.

Which means you can’t save the appearance with the document, if you are planning on sharing it with someone else.

I can’t find anything on Microsoft’s website that suggests any differently.

Apparently they regard the tabs as part of the user’s environment, rather than as part of the worksheet itself.

In further news, in VBA for excel, the [WorksheetName].Tab object does not seem to contain Font as a member, or any other formatting information except Color and ColorIndex.

So you can change it for yourself, but not ship your changes along with the file.

Bugger. Anyway, having it for myself would be better than nothing - but what font setting do I need to change?!

From my linked article:

Oh, sorry, missed that. Maybe I won’t bother - I was thinking it was going to be an individual font in the Appearance - Advanced settings