Hopelessly Addicted to Gap Ads.

I can’t help it. Whenever one of those Gap ads comes on TV I have to stop what I’m doing and watch. Started back with the “swing” commercial and went on with the “Mellow Yellow” type series. Even the Gap Kids ads I have to stop and watch. And now they’ve got those “It’s Holiday” things. can’t help it … gotta stop and watch!

Am I sick or what? Is there some sort of twelve-step program for this?

Saint Eutychus

Step 1: Grasp the remote control.
Step 2: Channel surf.

Those are clever ads, no doubt about it… I’m not crazy about Vanilla Ice’s ad but I rather enjoyed the others.

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I do a lot of videotaping, especially to skip commercials. But I just can’t go past those GAP ones: they ARE addictive (although I must admit I’m not too crazy about the latest one – begins with guys and gals coming out of doors and then “melding” into each another).

Eutychus: You’re not sick. You’ve got taste. Like me :D.

You should check out the new Rage Against the Machine video for the single Guerilla Radio. Might shed a new light on those Gap commercials you love so much.

They are great ads, though I’d never shop there.

Also quite good is the Levi’s invisible people. Creatively sexy!

I’m just wild about Saffron… Saffron’s wild about me…

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Geez! Those commercials are ANNOYING AS HELL! Young, well-shaven, skinny, pretty people dancing to maddeningly irritating pop songs, and trying desperately to be “cool,” whatever that is anymore. You can take those commercials and shove 'em, just like those awful Sprite commericials, which, for the past 2 years or so, have been poking fun at other commericals, and using that as an excuse to display the same irritating tactics that they’re ragging on the other commercials for.

Advertising is a sick, sick institution and a daily reminder that what the average person finds funny or clever, tends to make me want to vomit.

Best Gap ad ever was the GapKids ad with music by Soul Coughing.

The vocals were just Doughty repeating “Fall into the Gap, fall into the Gap, fall into the Gap, fall into the Gap, fall into the Gap.”

Trust me, it was much cooler than it looks intheis format.


The “melding” technique is best seen in the recent video for the Chemical Brothers’ “Let Forever Be”. Absolutely fantastic.

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MattK, I mentioned that video in the Best Music Video thread. I only saw it twice, but it was one of the coolest video’s I’ve ever seen. I think the newest gap ad is a ripoff of that video.

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I like the music. They even used one of my favourite John Hiatt songs for one ad.

Gotta disagree with ya, puff.
I’m about as noncommercial as they come, but advertising is neither inherently evil nor good. Much like people, ads vary. A few are horrible, most are simply dull, and some are wonderful. Even very delightful people can grate after a while, though. The chihuahua should’ve been shot during the Viva Gordita series.

Hmm… in our house we think the Gap ads defiled a few good songs and so we hate them. The melding people is pretty cool though.

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