Hoping to identify office chair

Several years ago, I bought an office chair from an acquaintance. It was used when I bought it; I have no idea how old it is. I’ve lost touch with this acquaintance, so I can’t ask him where or when he bought it.

My problem is two-fold: (1) it’s wearing out, and (2) it’s the most comfortable chair I’ve ever used for “office-type” work (using the computer for long periods of time, etc.). I’ve looked it over, including looking underneath, and there are no identifiers whatsoever–no brand name, no store name, etc. I’m hoping that somebody here will be able to give me some idea of what brand it might be, or at least what terms to search for in order to find one similar.

Never mind

Can’t promise this is correct, but it makes me think “Hooker” brand of office chairs. Give them a try.

Could you get it re-upholstered?

Also, if the thing that’s wearing out is the piston under the seat, that’s replaceable.

The upholstery is fine. It’s the workings underneath the seat that are wearing out. One small piece actually broke off recently, although the loss doesn’t seem to have affected anything important.

Have you tried a search-by-image google search yet?

Thanks for the suggestion. It didn’t turn up anything conclusive, although it did bring up some new terminology that may prove helpful.