Any way to fix my chair?

I’ve got one of those generic office chairs that has an adjustable pneumatic height tube. I’ve had it for years.

Recently, the height tube seems to have sprung a leak somewhere (or something) because when I sit on it, it slowly descends to the depths of its minimum height. (To add insult to injury, I’ve been losing weight that past few months. So it’s not my fatness.)

Anyway, is there any hope of fixing this? I don’t even know where to look on the chair itself for things to seal up, it’s just a tube inside of another tube.

office chair repair

I wish you better luck than I had. I bought an originally fairly pricey office chair from a used office furniture store; I think it was a Steelcase chair. After a year or two, the hydraulic adjuster sprang a leak. I managed to track down the replacement part, only to find that it cost roughly double what I’d paid for the chair! So instead, I bought another used office chair. If you have the option, check out used office furniture. It is quite possible to get a still serviceable high-end chair for a fraction of its original price. Not to mention other good buys, like my $39 8-drawer solid wood executive desk.