Horace W. Babcock, meet Dick Titball!

I read this obit in the Times today:

“Horace W. Babcock, an innovative astronomer who helped establish the Las Campanas Observatory in northern Chile and developed technology to improve the telescope, died on Aug. 29 in Santa Barbara, Calif. He was 90.”

And “Horace W. Babcock” has become my Favorite Name of the Week, narrowly edging out “Dick Titball.” Sure, Dick’s is funnier, but have you ever heard a better “stuffy businessman” name than “Horace W. Babcock?” If he were running for mayor, I’d have to vote for him; and I hope the president of my bank is named “Horace W. Babcock.”

“Stuffy businessman”? It rather screams “Natural Philosopher” to me, if not “Hobby Alchemist.”

Babcock and Titball, LLC
Babtit, Inc

The possibilities are endless.

Is Dick Titball a real person’s name?

Oh, the horror.