Another odd names thread

My search foo is weak, but I know there have been previous threads of this type. A name on the news struck me funny. Seems the Oregon teacher of the year is a guy named Matthew Bacon-Brenes. I keep reading it as “Bacon Brains”, although I’m sure it must be something like Bren-ess.


Armie Hammer

What’s weird about that is that his name is really Armand Hammer (after his grandfather), like the scouring powder.

Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Elaine Johnson

Soupy Sales (Milton Supman)

It is just odd. I knew his grandfather was Armand. I knew a guy in school named Dusty Rhodes. Why do parents think this so cute? My surname is an item that is identifiable to everyone. I could have named my kids many names that would have been ‘cute’, like that. I would not put that burden on anyone.

We had a Sandy Rhodes in our school. Also an Elizabeth Taylor. :rolleyes:

My friend had a classmate named Britney Houston.

I used to go to school with a girl named Juliet Romeo.

Was it this guy? :p:D

I had a student once named Felix Radevesciu (IIRC). Probably not odd in Bulgaria, where he was from.

My Mother swears blind that when she was little she knew a boy called Donald Duck.

This thread just for humans, or do animal names count as well? Because I just found out about the existence of the bony-eared assfish.

If we’re going animal names, I have a big soft spot for the no-eyed big-eyed spider.

Some parents are just cruel…

I don’t think so. I don’t think he was a pro wrestler. I havent kept up with him. There was a kid in my highschool called ‘Boy’, apparently it was shortened from Boyette, a family name.

I had a boss named Dick Peters. At least he wasn’t a prick.

There was a Bud Wieser, who used to produce TV shows.
I seem to recall from the SD books the guy who invented the toilet was named Crapper.

I had a boss named Dick Johnson. I always thought that was redundant.

Once had a client named Richard Holder. He didn’t much care for being called Dick.

And, believe it or not, had an associate named Harry Butz. You’d think he’d try to go by Harold or Hal or Harrison or something, but nope. He was fine with Harry.

I have mentioned elsewhere, I went to school with sisters…

Rainbow and Sunshine. I/we are 49 born in 1968…just after the summer of hippies:smack:

My parents were in their 30’s in the 1960’s…I have a normal name.
(Bobbitchin’ started in highschool because my name is Bob and I’ve got the voice)…OH far out man. :smiley:

I worked with a guy named Rusty Johnson.
What do you get when you leave your dick out in a storm?

A RUSTY JOHNSON!!! He was a friend and took it as intended, and gave accordingly.:cool:

Nascar driver Dick Trickle. That’s not a name, that’s a symptom.

The interesting part is that Armand Hammer the industrialist had nothing to do with the company Church & Dwight choosing the Arm & Hammer logo as its baking soda brand, as the brand was founded in 1867 and Armand Hammer was born in 1890. Armie did eventually buy stock in Church & Dwight, enough to join the board of directors, but he was always more associated with Occidental Petroleum and business ties to the USSR, which again brings us back around to the fact Socialist parties through history have used the Arm & Hammer logo to represent the muscular labor they claim to represent. In fact, it’s possible Armand Hammer was named for the Arm & Hammer logo of the Socialist Labor Party, which his father supported.