Strange but true names

My father swears that he went to school with a kid named Franklin Norman Stein (a.k.a. Frank N. Stein) as well as a girl named Mary Christmas.

And I’ve heard (although I don’t know if it’s really true) that George Lear, the founder of Lear Jets, named his daughter Shanda (Shanda Lear, get it?)

I went to law school with a guy named Sam Oramas. I never thought it was particularly strange until I found out that his parents decided to name him palindromically and that his full first name was Samaro.

What are some other strange (or simply unfortunate) names that people have actually heard? I’m not talking about simply bad first names (Moon Unit Zappa, for example), but first and last names that when taken as a whole make you do a mental double take.

There used to be a stock analyst where I worked called James Joyce. His wife’s first name was Joyce. She must have really loved him. :slight_smile:

I went to school with a girl named Crystal Bright.
*not sure if it’s truth… but rumor had it her dad was Lester (Less Bright)
I had a high school teacher named Mr. Heavysides.

My friend Tracy married a guy named Steve Tracey. She is now Tracy Tracey. I wiuld have kept my maiden name.


There used to be a lady in our neighborhood whose name was Allie Bolen. In the phone book she would have been listed as “Bolen, Allie” (bowling alley).

We have a vendor in Taiwan called Bacon Wang. sköt wants to change his SDMB name to Bacon Wang but they seemingly won’t let him!

• My optician in Baltimore was Dr. I. Glasser

• My dry-cleaner in Baltimore was T. Hee.

• In high school, our doctor and nurse were Dr. Hertz and Mrs. Paine (their door sign was in the yearbook every year)

• There’s a fellow in New York named Fuk Yu (I so want to date him, just so I can loudly introduce him at parties!)

Check out

Lists: 14 Mary Christmas’s
38 Joyce Joyce’s
1 Tracy Tracey

…& that’s just in little O’ England !!!
(y2k census)

BTW brilliant site, anything like it for any other Countrys???

I don’t recall what he did (politician?), but I recall seeing an article on a NYer in the 1800s named Preserved Fish.

At the store where I used to work we had a frequent customer by the name of Holiday High.

I heard that he had two daughters named Crystal Shanda Lear and Gay Cava Lear.

Well, after doing a littlle research via Google, I now know that it is actually Bill Lear, not George, and that his daughter’s name really is Shanda. There is no “Crystal” or “Cava,” but according to the story:


It is not a palindrome. SamOramas backwards is SamAromas. It is close but not it.

A lot of Asian kids have names that sound particularly funny in English along the lines of Fuk Mi, Hung Dong, and such.

I know a girl called “Aya Littler”.

You have to say it out loud.

Maybe a few times.

Ione Glascock.

Dodie Swords and her sister’s name was Kirma Swords.

Christine Moss a.k.a Chris Moss

I knew a girl named Dori Book

Remembered another one - used to work in micrographics - I was doing QC on some microfiche for a credit card co. Put a fiche in a viewer, saw a bill, the account holder’s name:

Princess Beavers

Anyone think she may have done porn?

An unfortunate kid at my school: Richard Dick

A veterinarian I knew of: P. Nut, not so amusing until he married his wife Hazel.

My own real name is so funny it’d make you chuck, (not really, but you’d probably tee-hee).

Not an auspicious way to bring up your 1000 posts.

The detail you missed was Sam was short for Samaro.