Hormel Compleats Chicken&Rice, absolutely disgusting!

The other night I was in the grocery with a toddler quickly reaching meltdown and realizing I wasn’t going to be able to take him and wait in the half hour line at KFC I grabbed some of these Hormel Compleats Chicken&Rice things because they were on clearance(if they were not on clearance they have have been pretty pricey for what they are at the original price).

If this shit for real?! Absolutely disgusting, and I’ve tried preparing it both ways according to the wrapper in the microwave and on the stovetop in some simmering water. What you get is…rice GOOP that smells and tastes like dog food.

Why was this shit even brought to mass market? I can think of a few specialized applications for this stuff(since it is shelf stable and doesn’t need refridgeration).

I remember seeing an ad for these and realizing it used shelf-stable chicken.

Whatever has to be done to chicken to make it shelf stable is probably the stuff of nightmares.

Everyone who tried it never got past the first bite, even the chunks of chicken taste strange. They ended up being fed to the dogs, which is appropriate I guess.

Does Hormel not have test kitchens or taste panels?

I’ve tried two or three different varieties of Hormel Compleats, and IMO they vary from “edible if the alternative is Dwarf Bread” to “eat the Dwarf Bread, it’s tastier and more nutritious”. It’s like Hormel has found some way of sucking all the good taste out of a product, leaving only nasty taste behind, and this is the result.

The thing is, my husband has to go on business trips a couple of times a year, and he likes to go on hunting trips a few times a year, too. I know from experience that if I get sick during one of those trips, I’m not going to feel like cooking any sort of meal, but I will need some sort of nutrition. So I thought it would be nice to have some shelf-stable meals in the pantry.

Man, I’m glad I didn’t stock up on those things.

I’m quickly growing not to trust any food labeled Manager’s Special or Clearance. There’s usually a reason they’re not just on a regular sale.

Eh, sometimes the Special or Clearance items are just not selling well in that particular market, and are perfectly fine. Sometimes the particular line is being discontinued. Sometimes the stuff is near its “best buy” date, and if you’re going to eat it that day or the next, it’s fine for you. Sometimes the stuff is very good, but the full price is too high for most people’s liking. And sometimes the stuff is just really, really bad.

Buying from the Special or Clearance rack IS a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But don’t count on being able to get a particular item again, if you found it on that rack in the first place.

Yep, I have found really expensive and good imported stuff like marzipan and French chestnuts etc for pennies basically. They will also put dented cans out, I’ve seen cans of Progresso soup for ten cents just cuz of a dent.

But if they have a bunch of what should be a mass market appeal product on the clearance rack, be suspicious!

I had one of these once (because it was on sale for 99 cents) and I recall thinking how strange it was to see a TV dinner that didn’t have to be frozen or refrigerated.

As I recall it tasted of high fructose corn syrup, salt and squishy texture. It wasn’t offensively bad but it wasn’t good in any particular way either. I’m glad I spent the 99 cents to learn what they were like instead of paying full price.

I buy these for Mr. Sali’s lunch, they were 4/$10 on sale last night. I wrap up a slice of buttered bread and he is happy as a clam. He likes the Dinty Moore stew and the steak tips on mashed potato best. Because he has no taste for good food AT ALL. He does complain these things are very, very salty, but he eats, and likes them, anyway. So there are customers out there for these disgusting things.