Hornet honey should be called "horney."

No, this isn’t honey produced by hornets, but honey in which a giant Japanese hornet has been drowned (probably while the beekeeper cackles with glee.) The claim is that hornet essence diffuses into the horney, [DEL]giving consumers the proportional strength of a hornet[/DEL] making it more healthy and delicious.
So, would anyone here try this? Would you eat the hornet? Also, would you conciser it as a topping for miso?

Bit of a paradox it seems. I like honey. And I like hornets being dead. However once the two are combined, I’ll take a pass.

Those things are big. I assume they displace a fair amount of what would otherwise be honey. I doubt it would be cost-effective to hunt down giant hornets just to sell less honey for the same price, but if they have to kill the hornets anyway

Hey! You got giant hornet in my honey!

No! You got honey on my giant hornet!

This sounds repulsive, but it’s supposed to be good for ya.

Let’s get Mikey!

This is almost voodooistic (if thats even a word) Trying to assume the qualities of an animal by eating it - its really shamanistic - we got past that a real long while ago, or maybe some folk didn’t

Many Japanese people are into forms of woo/pseudoscience. (Not that the US is a slouch in that department.)

My favorite (non-magical, just weird) example is using PET water bottles to repel cats. This strategy has been debunked repeatedly, with the debunkings reported in the media, but you still see these nekoyoke all over the place. Often with a neighborhood cat chilling nearby, utterly unfazed.

I’ve had the worm from cheap mezcal but I’ll pass on hornet honey.