Horns - Daniel Radcliffe movie (open spoilers)

Wow, this was actually a pretty good movie.

It was:

  • a great concept
  • hilarious in parts
  • fairly powerful emotionally
    Daniel Radcliffe is a really good actor. He delivers a great and emotional performance and does a great American accent as well.

See it when you get a chance.

From what I have read about it, Joe Hill has inherited his father’s penchant for the random and absurd in the interest of horror.

I kind of wanted to see it for Radcliffe, but I’m afraid I’d just find it creepy and annoying.

I enjoyed the book. Like his father, Hill does a pretty good job of making believable characters. There was a scene in the book I felt the protagonist acted out of character but overall it was a pretty good effort for a relatively new novelist.

Really enjoyed the book, and I liked (but didn’t love) the movie.

Haven’t seen the film yet, but I really enjoyed the novel.

I enjoyed the book, too, and plan to see the movie. I notice that they seem to really be downplaying the Stephen King connection - I can only assume this is deliberate.


It streams on Netflix now, folks.

Terrible movie. The plot didn’t really flow very well and I thought it was a weak adaptation. Most of the acting, including Radcliff, was fine though.

So where the hell are the open spoilers we were promised?

From this thread, I can’t even figure out what the damn movie is about.

I’ve read a fair amount of Hill, being a Steven King fan. “The Heart-shaped Box” reads exactly like a book that King would have written if he were his sons age today. By contrast, “Twentieth Century Ghosts” reads more like an homage to Matheson or Bradbury.

Harry Potter and Ginny are boyfriend and girlfriend. Ginny gets murdered and the town thinks Harry did it. Harry gets sad and drunk and bangs Lavender Brown. Next morning he wakes up and is growing horns out of his head which cause people around him to tell him their darkest desires–if he gives them permission they act them out. He decides to use his new power to find out who killed Ginny.

I posted in another thread about this movie, its basically an adult version of the bridge to terabathia, and I would also add liar, liar.

Overall, its a who dun it

High school sweet hearts about to move on to the next stage, girl gets murdered, everyone in town thinks radcliffes character did it, except for lawyer buddy.

Boy starts growing horns, and everyone is compulsed to tell him the truth, leading to some hilarious scenes, I have no problem believing the media would do what they did.

Eventually he solves the crime and the twist is revealed.


Saw it, and enjoyed it.

It was a decent murder mystery with supernatural elements crammed in for no reason at all. The horns and people acting all crazy around Ig was unnecessary. I never understood why he got horns in the first place. And then at the end he becomes an angel…only to turn into a horned devil again. I would have liked it better if it was just a dude hunting down his girlfriend’s killer.

It wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting if it was just a dude hunting down his girlfriend’s killer. The movie was interesting precisely because he became a demon, found the killer, was then redeemed through wearing her necklace (the bit in which he became an angel) but then rejected the redemption to avenge her murder (the bit in which he became a demon again).

I was pleasantly surprised by this. It wasn’t a 5 star by any means, but it had enough substance and uniqueness, and unpredictability to satisfy my taste for a “good” movie.

This is how I felt about the movie. It’s not this great movie, but it was really well done. The mystery itself was pretty easy to figure out, but that really wasn’t the point.

The best part for me was when the bartender set his bar on fire and Ig walked out with the flames behind him, then when he went through the front door the smoke moved for him. That and the reporters fighting was funny as well.