Horoscope Readers/Writers

“There’s a lighthearted, whimsical quality about the day that you might not appreciate at first, (deleted). You’ll find that the more open and accepting you are of this energy, the more you can make it work positively for you. Use this feeling to balance the seriousness in your day. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama that has nothing to do with your situation.”

“The time has come for you to be more flexible in your approach, (deleted). Things are changing quickly, and if you aren’t prepared to change with them, you’ll be left behind. Be aware of the fluctuating atmosphere around you, and be prepared to make the necessary internal adjustments that help you fit in better with the external environment. Don’t fear change.”

I got these from horoscope dot com-anyone care to guess which was for what sign?

I can guess the sign with only twelve guesses. Every time.

If I understand the question, then if two astrologers both believe that being born under Pisces with Sagittarius rising (or whatever) makes you a friendly, outgoing person who has trouble saying No, I suppose they both might predict that the subject will encounter a situation where they will be friendly and outgoing to someone, and tell them that they should consider saying No to that person.

There is not AFAIK an agreed-on set of characteristics that apply to people under various star signs. I just looked up mine, and it says both that I am not boring but rarely amusing, and that I have a good observatory spirit and am not observant.

I can do it in eleven. The twelfth time isn’t a guess. I can also predict, with better than 90% accuracy, that someone will die within six months of their birthday.

Also, did you know that three day weekends have a traffic accident rate roughly 30% higher than regular weekends?


No, in fact I always assumed it was roughly 50% higher.


Once upon a time I made up a chart for rolling up personalities for RPG characters. There was an eight point chart (no rolls for Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto) and a three point chart (sun, moon, ascendant). I took the charts to a really small con that had a sales table cost low enough that it was nearly the cost of admission anyway and offered to let people roll up personalities (I wasn’t selling the charts). Rolling the small chart was a quarter, so I got the occasional sale.

It threw me when people would exclaim that it sounded exactly like them. A couple were really amazed. They brought friends over to try it.

I mean, the signs made it clear that it was for gaming purposes - to roll up a random personality. They rolled the dice themselves. I never did ask if they thought I was doing some kind of prediction. It just seemed rude. But they each only bought one and they were really happy with them. I’m still not sure what to think about it.

You’re both wrong. The number of accidents is roughly 50% higher. The rate is the same.

In actuality there might be some difference as you might have more people traveling for a long weekend.

Just as a quick experiment, I took the first horoscope (Ares) from two sites and got the following.

Which seem fairly diametrically opposed, suggesting that if there is a single system it’s heavily open to interpretation.

Not so. The rate per day is the same. Shodan was referring to the rate per weekend.

Ah, that magic number, eleven.

Only 90%? Considering that “within six months” doesn’t specify plus or minus, why not 100%? Or does leap year throw a wrench into your calcs?

I think you missed the “better than.” In fact, I’m better than 0% sure you did.

I told you my horoscope said I wasn’t observant.