Horrible, disturbing, nightmare I had last night.

I was at a funeral. I don’t know who he was, but he was a boy in his 20s with black hair. :frowning: I was really sad. I kept crying even after I went home (which looked nothing like my home). For some reason I cut my right ear off, :eek: but didn’t seem to care or notice. I cried some more. When I stopped crying I realized my ear was gone. I started panicing and thinking “I can’t go the ER; I don’t have health insurance. I’ll get in trouble”. After awhile I decided to go anyway. By the time I put my ear into a ziplock bag it had turned purplish-grey. I looked in the mirror and saw the bloody stump where my ear had been. I woke up, but still though my ear was missing so I touched my ears with my hands. Actually I’ve touched my ears a couple times today. This dream is still bothering me.

Hmmmm, so what do you not want to hear about?

As far as my own dreams, I’ve come to the conclusion that the story details (interesting though they may be), aren’t really important. However, the emotions felt during the dream are.

Something in your life is causing you sorrow, guilt, and worry?

Maybe you’re a budding impressionist.

You didn’t happen to watch Vincent & Theo recently, did you?

That certainly does sound disturbing, and you conveyed it effectively. The problem I usually have when describing my terrifying, utterly disturbing nightmares, is painting a complete picture. In other words, I can’t describe it well enough so that people can see it through their eyes. They kind of just shrug it off.

This is something that my friends and I were just talking about. What’s the Straight Dope on those type of dreams? Ones where you wake up feeling these over powering emotions of anger or jealousy or sadness or love? I rarely remember my dreams, but even when I do, they don’t always have these lingering emotional attachments, but when they do, it seems impossible to rationalize them away. Those feelings stick around for awhile.

Anyone have any info?

Have you ever seen the movie Blue Velvet, and if you did were you particularly unsettled or freaked out by it? I’m not trying to crack wise on you, alphaboi867; sometimes little, trivial snippets or details of past negative experiences can pop to the surface of one’s awareness in dreams, long after the event has been, if not exactly forgotten about, at least filed away with all the other stuff that you don’t bother keeping in your conscious memory. And since you didn’t expect to have this rotten Easter egg turn up from out of nowhere all of a sudden, it can have an impact that’s way out of proportion to itself, like one of those websites that trick you into letting your guard down and then a screaming monster face jumps out at you.

Of course if you’ve never seen the flick, that blows my explanation all to shit, doesn’t it?

I bet it wasn’t as bad as this one: http://xkcd.com/557/

I had no idea until I saw this that lots of other people have this dream. And yes I still have it, and it’s been 20 years.

The 20 something was your younger self. It is your youth that has died.

You are also going deaf in that ear. Go see an ear doctor.

So when yesterday did someone comment on your ears? Or that you weren’t listening. Or something ear-related?

I last had this dream 4 years ago. It used to be a regular occurance (about once a month or so) 4 years ago was 16 years after I graduated grad school.

It usually took the form of getting notification of a class I either did not remember signing up for or one that I thought I dropped but didn’t and it was now after drop date…so I would start attending the class and be hopelessly lost.

I really hate the dreams where my teeth are falling out. Well, not really *falling *out, but they are loose, like when you were about to lose a baby tooth. I grab it, twist it with my tongue, turn it around, and eventually yank it out. Strangely, I can *feel *the pain and discomfort in my dreams.

It’s just a natural part of your Becoming.

I had a very odd dream last night.

I dreamed that I was living as a tribesman on a pacific island, when the place was invaded by gigantic Europeans. They were so big that they didn’t even notice we existed. As soon as they stepped ashore, they begain building cities, shopping malls, and roads everywhere. Soon another bunch of Europeans arrived, and begain to battle with the first set. Tanks and bombs everywhere.

In desperation, our tribe retreated to its temple and prayed to its supreme God, and lo and behold the prayers were answered: our God appeared, hovering above the altar. We prayed to become larger and to gain the power to smite the Europeans from our shores. Unfortunately, being very tiny, our God was also very tiny; he could make us larger, but only by an inch, doubling our height; he had the power to make fish abundant and to make coconuts fruitful, which was sadly of no use in driving off Europeans.

Creepy. Nicely done!

I woke up this morning convinced that it was Monday, and wondering what the hell happened to my weekend. That’s my nightmare.