What a nice dream. Not!

I’ve been feeling a bit run down for a couple weeks and a lot hurts. This affects my dreams. My head has been hurting. I was really tired and took a nap. This is a dream I’ve had before on a few occasions and it’s rather mundane until the end but we are on the run through a giant mall like structure trying to get somewhere. I’m by myself on a brief break and I start to feel something sticking out my ear canal. I start to pull and it’s a synthetic surgery wipe like on a paper towel roll, but something that doesn’t break down. Then I think oh ya that surgery from when I was a kid. They left this in there. I guess it tore open and is working out through my ear. I think about how I need to go see a doctor and about 30 seconds later I know that a doctor won’t treat me so I decide to just deal with it and pull it out. I pulled out about 4 feet worth of the stuff thinking how much did they pack into my skull. Fuck man! I notice that I have a bit of cloth hanging down in the back of my mouth from the sinus cavities I guess. I realize this but don’t pull on it. I see one of my companions and tell them to film me pulling this out like a magician, because I just realized it would be a waste to not film this. Too bad I already pulled out so much without recording it. Seeing is believing and maybe worth some money I can use to go see a doctor. My companion is refusing to do this and i can hardly talk because I have the end sticking down in my mouth. At the point where I’m trying to talk and having problems begging them to film it I wake up face planted in my pillow driving my face into the pillow.

This is one of my can’t afford a doctor dreams.

This past weekend, I had a dream that the Earth had moved closer to the Sun.

A little while ago, I had one where I had to take the physics GRE and get a physical.

I’ll take the one where the Earth moves closer to the Sun and you get cooked if you stand in the sunlight over the other one, thankyouverymuch.

I hate stress dreams.

Harmonious Discord, back in the day when I had avoided the dentist for many years, I used to have tooth dreams, one variant of which was rather like yours. My mouth was full of some sort of foreign matter, and I’d dig and I’d pull and huge gobs of this stuff would come out but there was always more in there. ::shudders::

Incidentally, once I sucked it up, found a dentist I liked, and started getting regular cleanings – poof! No more tooth dreams.

I broke down and took pseudoephedrine early last night. I had a great sleep without the headache and could breath easier. No bad dreams about pulling rags out of my head and I finally got some sleep.:slight_smile:

You’re free to continue posting your own bad dreams here.