Horrible unreasonable neighbors, ARG!

I have some pretty terrible neighbors in my apartment. I live on the very top floor (third) and they are on the first. They have been cranking the most obnoxious music (death metal, which I normally like and club/dub step) from like 1 in the afternoon until 1 AM. They have also been playing GTA 5 at an INSANE decibel level. Regardless, I can hear that shit all the way at the other end of the building. I can feel it in my teeth. No neighbors in between us and none of the other neighbors seem to give a damn about the noise. I tried knocking on the door to be polite and kindly ask if they could turn the volume down, but they just screamed, “I don’t give a shit!” through the door and cranked it as loud as it could possibly go. I let the office know and they left them a couple letters, but they basically said we had to call the police. So, I called the police twice (I have NEVER called the police in my life before this) and when they pulled up both times, the neighbors turned off the music and didn’t answer the door. The police told us there is nothing they can do unless they hear the disturbance and that it was the apartment office’s problem to deal with. When the police left, the music turned on not 10 minutes later. When I told the apartment complex, they said they’d look into it, but nothing has happened and they will NOT even answer my calls. My question, to everyone, is what passive aggressive things would you do to get at these guys? Spare me the “turn the other cheek” stuff, please. I’ve tried that, and I’ve tried being reasonable. They won’t meet me halfway. So, I did get liquid ass and assed the SHIT out of their cars (in the vents above the hood) and assed under their apartment doors. Smells terrible haha. I also ordered them like 30 ladies’ clothing and shoes catalogs to their apartment, bwahaha. Anyone have any other ideas? I am very receptive to ideas. It has been a month and I can’t take it anymore. I am losing my effing mind.

There may be a outside fuse box near their electrical meter. Be careful you don’t accidentally turn off the switches or else it will turn off the power to their apartment.

all the electricals are locked up in a room down the hall, no access :frowning: I MAY be able to get to their water pipe valves in the attic, but you need to check the key out with the main office and check it back in. there is only one key. I might be able to get it duplicated. I thought of getting my keys copied too and just snapping them off in their locks but that seems like it would make a load of noise and I’m trying to remain a ghost.

Actually, it’s probably best to just keep calling the police. Tell the dispatcher that they turn it off when they see the car, so ask if the police can come in the back or something. That way they’ll hear it in action.

The obvious question - can you move? It’s not right that you should be forced out by assholes, but your goal is peace and quiet - you can get that at another building.

Do you think there’s a reason that this is so?

WTF?! Since ‘in-house’ management refuses to deal with the problem, is there a ‘corporate office’ you can complain to? :confused:
If no, then try holding off on paying the rent, I bet they’ll be calling you, pretty quickly. Tell them the rent gets paid when they deal with the assholes, and not before.
Me, personally? ‘Cowboy up’ and catch the assholes outside their apartment and confront them. :mad:

You could crank it yourself and play “Music Wars.”

Seriously, I recall Matt Groening making a cartoon about this in the Life in Hell series.

use ear plugs or make your room sound proof or find yourself another apartment.

Noise cancelling headphones?
-make a paper trail.
-offer the neighbours, in writing, to pay for headphones.
-find a no-cure-no-pay-lawyer and have him write an intimidating-sounding letter. (if it is really toothless, who cares).
-find the desperate relatives of these assholes, and tell them you are trying to get them evicted. They might be your allies because they don’t want these assholes to become homeless and crashing on their couch.

Also possible:
Befriend them. You both like death metal. Invite hin to whatever activity you both like. Then tell him you have to cram for college in the afternoons and let him listen to the awesome sound quality of your headphones connected to the GT5 player.

You can stick dog shit under the door handles of their car so that it gets all over their hands, or you could call a tip line from a pay phone and say that their dealing meth. But maybe you don’t feel like taking the high road.

Own a sling blade?

Try to find some people to move in to the empty floor who are the complete opposite of them and aggressive, to create a buffer zone

I think that the IRS also has a tip line for reporting tax cheats.

Move. Life is too short for this shit.

Everything you’re ever going to be, you’re currently in the process of becoming. What exactly is it you’re aiming to become, by practicing this kind of behaviour? If the answer is asshole, you’re on the right path, keep up the good work!

If the OP is the only one complaining about their behavior, they know who is fucking with them. Verdad?

If they know who is doing stuff to them, they will get revenge.
If they don’t know, why would they connect it to being noisy and stop, not that they would stop even if they did know? They don’t sound as if they would just give in and turn the volume down just because you pooped on their stuff or whatever.
Thus the unreasonable and childish behavior is yours, OP, since there is no chance that your spiteful actions will solve the noise issue. If no one else in the building minds the noise, you should move somewhere quieter.

“If the answer is asshole, you’re on the right path, keep up the good work!”

Ah, yes, Elbows, I’m an ass hole for wanting some peace and quiet. I have lived in this apartment for 3 years and never once had an issue with any neighbor ever and have never heard anyone. Then these two young kids move in and blast their shit all day and I’m the ass hole after the police and management fail to address the problem? It comes down to human respect. If you cannot respect the people around you and be cognizant of the fact that you’re making an ungodly amount of noise at all hours of the night, then you yourself do not deserve respect in return. Especially if your response to me knocking on the door is to blast it even louder. I miss my old neighbors; they were super nice, which is making this all the worse.

Yorikke, I’m not sure. Maybe they have complained and I don’t know about it. As it stands now, there is me on the third floor corner, nobody in the middle corner, then them on the bottom corner. Then there are people on the other side next to them on all three levels and people across from them. Then the rest of the building is pretty packed. Maybe they don’t know where it is coming from?

JB, funny you should mention that, because I did call the corporate office in California and left a message. They have not called back (it has been over a week). The complex itself is notorious for not addressing issues.

I don’t want to play loud music in retaliation because I feel like that is incredibly disrespectful to everyone around and I just want to disrespect them specifically and only them. I’ll try to catch one of them in the parking lot and confront them. They just seem to have ridiculous schedules and are always coming and going and I work quite a bit so it is difficult to catch em. Forgot to mention I left a note on their door (a very friendly one) before calling the police and it did nothing to quell the noise. I know I seem like I’m being a dick (I don’t typically screw with people, I swear) but oh my God I’m losing my mind because of this. Even if I did get the complex to issue an eviction letter, the court could very easily dismiss it and the process could start over.

I was brain storming last night and I thought it may be extremely hilarious to cover the door frame outside their door in saran wrap and tape it so when they walk out they just run into it. Hehe. More funny if there was poop on it, but that is mean lol.

Again, please, relatively harmless (or terrible if you feel like it) ideas that are sure to vex. No turn the other cheek or live by the sword die by the sword shit. I need some stress relief at the expense of these dweebs.