Horribly Misread Headlines

Today from the AP:

Kremlin Choice Wins Chechnyan Election

Sure takes on a whole new meaning when you’re an idiot and read it as “Gremlin Choice wins Chechnyan election.”

Munch (to self): The guy’s name is ‘Gremlin Choice’?!? How could he possibly lose an election with that name?"


A guy in my old dorm once had this headline posted up, possibly from the university newspaper:

“The Pen is mightier than the sword”

But the space between “Pen” and “is” was VERY small, making it appear almost as one word

I thought that the subject line of the “Google Weirnos” thread right here in MPSIMS was actually called “Google Wuornos”.

I thought, that’s odd. Why Google a serial killer? :confused:

Not a headline, but something I was reading on CNN.

They had a bulleted list of things John Kerry wants to do. One of them was:
[ul][li]Modernize the military[/ul][/li]However, I didn’t read that. I read:
[ul][li]Sodomize the military[/ul][/li]:eek: !!!

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