Horrified The Board Game

I have been following a lot of the buzz about this game. It is a co-op board game that has been compared to Pandemic and the Forbidden series where the players save a village from the classic Universal Monsters (Dracula, the Wolfman etc.).

The players all have different abilities and each Monster has a different method of dealing with it. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. Anyone play it?

Never heard of it but I like the premise.

Apparently it’s made by Ravensburger games and was due out on Aug 1.

No sign of it on either the Ravensburgersite, nor on Amazon…

Any news of it? (I love playing Pandemic!)

Here is the Boardgamegeek page on the game.

p.s. The downside for some of the files available is the bad written English. If that’s bothersome to you, be sure to correct it before printing.

My understanding is for the moment you can only buy it from Target and then a few weeks later you can buy it anywhere. They seem to have “early access” to some board games. The more I read the more I think I will like it so I ordered it from target but no idea when I will get a crack at playing it.

Just wanted to say this game is a lot of fun. If you like the theme even a little you will love this. It is full of references both subtle and obvious to each of the Monster movies in question. It even has Abbott and Costello (under a different name).

Each Monster has a mini game you have to solve to defeat the Monster and each hero has a different power (one hero’s power is basically taking an extra standard action but the others have actual abilities) so there is a lot of replayability because you could play different combinations.

I would also say if you aren’t too keen on the theme but just like fun co-op board games you would also like this too so fans of the Monsters and/or co-op games should check it out.

Picked this up last week at my local Target from the recommendation here and just got around to playing it this weekend. They seemed to put a lot of focus on making the game fun instead of just making sure the mechanics of it work.
It has the typical turn cycle seen in games like this, complete your allotted amount of “actions” then have the antagonist do theirs, but the actions are so varied by player and situation and the monsters always a surprise it never gets boring or repetitive.
It’s also complex enough yet simple to learn that someone who is familiar with the game could set it up to play with a bunch of friends who never played before and with a little direction could jump right in and have a blast.

I am glad you enjoyed it! I am also having a blast playing.

I’ll have to put this on my list.

In the meantime, I can certainly recommend Flash Point (Fire Rescue).
As the title suggests, the players are firefighters rescuing victims from burning buildings.

It’s like Pandemic:

  • a co-operative game
  • takes 30-45 minutes
  • various levels of difficulty
  • players have different roles
  • players take actions, then add ‘problems’ (in Pandemic, infections; here more smoke and fire)

I remember seeing that game on Tabletop. Looked like fun.

We play the hell out of Flash Point at my buddy’s house. It’s similar to Pandemic but a bit more forgiving in my experience. I get a huge kick out of coming up with little narrative stories for why the fire started, who we are rescuing, and so on.

Like Pandemic there are times when the randomness hates you and utterly destroys you without any way to recover, or to prepare for it. But it seems like a good strategy and some clear thinking can take you farther in Flash Point.

I’m not a big fan of Pandemic and, knowing that this one sells at Target, I’m not sold that it’s liable to be advanced enough to interest me. Pandemic just feels like 40 minutes of randomizing the board state to get to one move where you either have to cooperate and figure out a plan, or else the team will lose. Until that point, everyone is basically doing whatever they want and it doesn’t particularly matter.

I’d rather a cooperative that’s teamwork from the start.

Personally, I’d suggest trying out Fuji (if you want something with simple rules) or Unicornus Knights, Spirit Island, or Gloomhaven for anyone who wants a cooperative game that’s got a bit more oomph.

Horrified is definitely not a heavy game but you can up the difficulty by having more monsters. Three is challenging. I have only played a few times but you definitely can lose. I would call it a medium level game. Closer to Forbidden Desert than Forbidden Island in difficulty.

But as I wrote above, if you have any interest at all in the theme it would probably be worth trying even if you are a a hardcore board gamer.

Just have to add…
My son just completed his collection of these funko mini figures which fit into the game perfectly and are a lot more detailed than the figures included in the game.

That’s brilliant.

That’s awesome. I have also seen online people who have painted the minis that came with the game.

The game is so fun. My wife and I have played several games and while we haven’t lost yet, two of our games ended on the last possible turn (no Monster cards left in the deck).

I’ll add another ringing endorsement. It’s a great game. We’ve only played in “easy” mode so far (Creature and Dracula). It will be interesting to play against the Frankensteins (the winning condition is a form of couples counseling) and the Mummy (where the team has to do a numbers puzzle of some sort–doesn’t look too hard, but harder than the “smash four coffins” gameplay against Dracula).

I’m off to order this game. It sounds like fun!

I’m not sure you’re playing Pandemic as intended. When we play, it’s cooperative from the start.

A little bump to this thread because my wife and played a Halloween Horrified Extravaganza. Five games each with different combinations of Monsters and Heroes. One we won relatively easily. Two games were won on literally the last turn possible. In another the Terror tracker got pinned to the second to the last one very quickly so while we won with a few turns left it was very nerve-racking. The final game the forces of Evil won and we lost. It was a blast!