Horror book/movie lovers: which scene was too much for you? (spoilers)

I don’t want this thread to be cluttered by any of those infernal spoiler boxes, so if you don’t want potentially any movie or book in the genre to be spoiled, this is not the thread for you.

I will start: For me, it was the scene in Clive Barker’s Damnation game where the re-animated dog corpse started to eat its own leg. I got rid of the book after I finished it.

And you?

I figured that I would go ahead and be the first smart-ass to do this. Sure, someone else may come along and do it again, but at that point it will just be a Johnnie-come-lately me too gesture, and with any luck not repeated. Time will tell.

Ugh, Vitals. If you’ve ever thought about reading Vitals by Greg Bear, don’t. It’s not worth your time. I won’t go into great detail about the plot, but it involves mind control and some shit about immortality. There was this one scene where someone was watching a movie of a mind control demostration by the Russians. In it, naked women walked around suckling puppies, oblivious. It was called the “City of Dog Mothers”. One of the more distrubing things I’ve read.

No long after that I stopped reading the book.

Gary Jenning’s Raptor. Simply put, several characters venture into Hun territory to rescue the kidnapped wife and son of a Roman official. As they’re fleeing the scene, the pregnant wife is killed and as she’s dying, she bears her stillborn offspring. That’s bad enough, until…

…her husband is also caught by a Hun, who attempts to rape him, but finding the Roman a little too lively for his liking, cuts a hole in his belly and proceeds to rape him through the gut. :eek: :eek: :eek:

Nothing else has ever matched the primal horror of that for me.

John Ringo’s Gustfront

Peter Rabbit is just never gonna be the same anymore


My Little Eye, the movie. Specifically the ending, where

it becomes clear that the observers of the game - the audience, IOW - are betting on how long it will take the girl to die in the freezer.

I am not familiar with this work. What was the deal?

It’s very rare that something I read in a book will actually make me gag with revulsion, but a scene in The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, of all people, did. It was the scene where Michael is smashing open the jars of heads immersed in some sort of preservative liquid and trying to get a psyching reading from them (looong story). It describes how the heads are so putrified that his fingers are sinking into the skulls. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to read in a Clive Barker or maybe a Stephen King book, but Anne Rice…?

The worst thing to stomach for me wasn’t a movie or a book but a computer game: In <i>Zork Nemesis</i> you have to cut off a corpse’s head and then torture it with electric shocks until it starts talking. I turned to the walkthrough for the solution.

As to books, the murder scenes with the cheese and the rat in <i>American Psycho</i> made me skip the last few pages (I only read the the book, haven’t seen the movie but can’t imagine they’d transfer that to the big screen).

Huh. Blood/gore doesn’t actually bother me too much, but there are four things that bothered me from various books over the years. They’re all Stephen King, as horror isn’t really my favorite thing.

  1. It, the movie. The clown’s teeth. The rest of the movie didn’t scare me one bit. Ugh…they’re like animal teeth, pointy, seperated, and all in diffferent directions.

  2. The Shining, the book. The chapter where the boy is in the rom upstairs (208?) and the dead woman’s in the bathroom. For me it started when she opened her eyes and they were silver. Don’t know why that should freak me out so much, but it did and does. It went right on to when she catches him at the door.

  3. A Stephen King short story, can’t remember the name, but he’s got golden eyeballs in his fingers. UGH. Then he cuts his hand off and it appears in his chest. Double UGH.

  4. I just read this short story called the Moving Finger. About a finger coming up out of the bathroom drain, with many many many joints. What freaked me out was one part when the finger stopped tapping and pointed right at the guy.

Oh, and movie: The Alien has always freaked me out. Used to give me nightmares. I now I love AII, but I still don’t let my SO hiss at night to scare me.

Poppy Z. Brite LOST SOULS- the gay male vampire father-son incest.

From Poppy Z. Brite (ed) anthology LOVE IN VEIN, a store I think someone else wrote with WHITECHAPEL in the title in which a man & his wife are performing a magickal ritual which involves the wife performing cunnilingus on a dying woman.

And yet some dark voice keeps tempting me to read her EXQUISITE CORPSE!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

I think it was Hellraiser II, where a man is being flailed by spinning chains with fishhook like tips. Lot’s of scenes from this movie were gross, but I looked away from the screen during that scene.

In Reservoir Dogs, when Nash’s ear is cut off with a straight razor. I happened to be getting ready for work, and walked through the living room during this scene and just froze. “What the heck are you watching?”

I don’t suppose The Passion of the Christ would count for purposes of this thread?

The opening scene in the sequel to The Witching Hour was even more disgusting, I thought. (Can’t remember the name at the moment.) Oceans of blood all over the downstairs of the Mayfair Witches’ New Orleans house. And the incestuous love affair . . . blargh.

Anne Rice is perfectly capable of writing some terribly disgusting things. The Vampire Chronicles get pretty hoary. I’m thinking the scene in Pandora where the title character becomes a vampire. As her body “dies” and all the fluids and waste rush from it, she draws Marius’ penis into her vagina. Male vampires, it would appear, have perma-erections. Just . . . ick. “I’m dying! Sex me up!”

Other than that, the end of Pet Sematary has always wigged me out. With the little re-animated boy roaming around, killing people. And Church, that poor undead cat.

These all pale in comparison to Mississippienne’s, though. Jesus.

I had to stop reading a book by Joyce Carol Oates called “Zombie”, which is a first-person singular account from the point of view of a serial killer. He was trying to make people into zombies (for sex slaves) by doing home lobotomies with an ice pick through the person’s eye. The specific scene which made me put down the book was when he was trying to lobotomize his first victim, and the person thrashed so hard in the bathtub that he broke the piano wire around his ankles. The narrator was so disappointed that the victim didn’t survive the “procedure” to become his slave.


It was the emotionless voice combined with the horrific scenes that just - blew me away somehow. After that, even the name or a picture of the author gagged me out.

Oh, another thing… that was in 1995… I read the book when it first came out, and just last week, I was able to finally bring myself to read something else by Oates! Pretty powerful horror!

Early on in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, there’s a scene with a tour through the underground cells in the asylum, where the really, really hard cases are kept. There is one guy who is hallucinating maggots crawling in his flesh and screaming, “Please, get them off me”. The evil psychiatrist obliges by throwing him a straightrazor (IIRC, at this point he is kneeling over the mattress Julia died on, because the shrink wants to use the blood to resurrect her- been a while since I’ve seen the movie). The results are predictable. I’m a hardcore horror movie nut, and a very sick puppy, and this is the first time I recall a scene in a horror flick making me flinch. It was a bit too much.

In “From Dusk til Dawn” there’s a scene where the vampires are all over this Asian guy, I think he’s the minister’s adopted son. Anyway, as the vampires start their feeding frenzy, he realizes that he’s going to become a vampire if they kill him, so he begs his sister to kill him first. It’s a pretty awful scene with him shouting “Please Kate, kill me!!!”

I had been reading the comic book The Sandman regularly from the first issue and was getting to be a big fan of the series, until one about issue 6 or so. It was about a bunch of people who were trapped in a diner with a supernatural mass murderer (was that The Corinthian? Or did he come later?). It described how he would control the minds of the customers to make them do sexual and violent things to themselves and each other, eventually killing everyone in the diner. It was pretty graphic and disturbing, but the part that got me the worst was a single panel where he said something like “for one hour, he gave the people back their minds and made them realize everything that they had done.”

That whole issue really got to me, and it turned me off the series for about a year. I eventually picked up another issue, liked it a lot and saw that that wasn’t the tone for the entire series, so I started reading it again. And I had to go back and spend a fortune on back-issues to get all the ones I’d missed. (It had gotten insanely popular in the meantime.)

Another one from comics:
There’s an issue of Preacher by Garth Ennis, where one of the characters is talking about the plane flight from Dallas after JFK was assassinated. He tells the story of going into the cargo hold of the plane, right after LBJ was sworn in, to find LBJ fucking the bullet hole in the president’s skull, screaming “Who’s in charge now, huh? Who’s in charge now?!?”

That was about the most obscene thing I’d ever seen, and it turned me off the rest of the series. I mean, I think I “get” black humor and exaggeration, but that just crossed the line for me.

For me there were two:

  1. In Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game , the scene near the end where the woman tries to (or maybe she succeeds–I’ve kinda blocked it out) peel the skin off her hands in order to get out of the handcuffs, and

  2. In Graham Masterton’s Ritual, a scene where the protagonist is forced to cut off, cook, and eat his own finger to prove his sincerity in wanting to join a cult of self-cannibals. For that matter, lots of Masterton’s stuff is pretty over the edge gorewise, but that was the worst and the only one where I had to put the book down for awhile before I could continue.

That would be Doctor Destiny. He started out as a standard supervillain. The Justice League accidentally destroyed his ability to dream. This led to him becoming somewhat insane and going from handsome to a kind of Gollum/living corpse thing. When Dr Destiny makes the people reveal secrets, one also reveals having sex with a corpse.

Back To The OP

That would be the a text file I found on this, my spare computer, when forced to stop using the laptop due to spyware. I was halfway through before the memories came back. It was my diary. I had erased nearly all the entries and blocked out the memories of my romance with Talia.

Warning-The following may be disturbing

I don’t know how I could have done what I did. I remembered the sound of the motor, and the heat of it as I drove the screws into her flesh. I remember worrying, not about her, not that I would be caught, but worrying that the wood would split. I remember the ache in my elbows as I the hacksaw blade cut through her last of her finger joints. I remember the stink of gasoline. I remember the light and the heat. I remember the way extinguishing her with that hose reminded me of running through the sprinklers as a kid. I remember the sweet smell of her burnt flesh. I remember the ease with which bits pulled away from her body. Oh, how I remember the flavor of her! She was sweet, and salty, and spicy and so succulent. I remember worrying that I’d been too severe and that she was dead. But a vague moaning gurgle came from her ruined mouth. I remember making love to her one final time. I devoured her with kisses. Most of all, I remember the rapt, ecstatic expression from the instant I agreed to fulfill her birthday wish, until life finally left her. I remember the night she finally revealed her ultimate fantasy to me. I remember the look of terror in her eyes as she told me, fearful she’d be rejected again. I remember Talia’s joyous squeal when I said that I would do it. I remember the look of pure and perfect love she gave me as I drove in the first screw. I remember the pleasure with which she savored her fingers as I popped each amputated section into her mouth. I remember her mangled cries as I made love to her. “ughiEssss!” “Oh khOd iiiEsss!” and over and over again “Ihhh huLuhUfff hUuu!” I loved her too.