Horror movie ID: Man on boat impaled by mounted swordfish

This should be an extremely easy one, but my memory has failed me. This guy is on a boat, possibly in the Bermuda Triangle, and I think Satan is involved. There’s a swordfish mounted on the wall, and it ens up flying off the wall and impaling him.

IMDb search, genre horror, keyword “swordfish”:

It’s called, “Satan’s Triangle,” starring Kim Novak, Doug McClure and Alejandro Rey. The swordfish was suspended in a sling and turbulence caused it to jam its sword through the wall and a guy in the next room was impaled on the sword and appeared to be floating in the air, dead. Downer ending follows.


That’s it. Thanks.

Hmm, and I was going to say Hook, Line and Sinker.


Sounds like that movie might better be described as “Hook, line, and stinker”.

I beg to differ. Cute pun aside, it’s delightfully cheesy if you like 1970s ABC movie of the week style horror, which I do. The last minute makes the whole thing worth it.

^ Some of those MotW were quite effective, probably because they were short (75 to 90 minutes–doesn’t require a lot of padding). I started a thread end of 2018 discussing TVMs and it was fun remembering the good ones and more fun ragging on the bad ones.