Horror Recommendation (Prefer Netflix Streaming)

Shockingly, Quarantine 2 is actually an entertaining horror film.

And as much as i wanted to love Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, the movie left me lacking.

You should post those results in a new thread! :slight_smile:

Maybe I will! Didn’t get a chance yesterday to re-read my script, or watch the film. What I’d really need to do is find a draft of the script before mine, the one I was rewriting, to really remember what changes I made/concepts I came up with. My draft was in like 2005 or 2006, and I don’t really remember too much about it. But I do remember it was a pretty major rewrite.

Great movie. I’ve been crossing my fingers for it to show up on Netflix streaming at some point; I’d love to watch it again without my heckling SO and her heckling friend poking fun at the creature makeup. Netflix used to provide the sequel, but I never got around to watching the whole thing before its removal. What I did see was rather meh.

(Speaking of movies that I hope Netflix brings back, I’ll throw out Triangle, an atmospheric little mindfuck that’s still one of my favorites.)

Oh, hey, that’s pretty cool! I feel bad for taking a little swing at it, even if it turns out you hadn’t much to do with the final product — I really did enjoy it. :slight_smile:

The Dark Hours - Fantastic. Not a traditional horror but horrifying enough.

I second Troll Hunter too.

The sequel sucked. And for og’s sake, don’t ever expose yourself to the sequel to 30 Days of Night. The original was pretty entertaining, with some excellent makeup and scary critters, though.

Another few I’ve just recalled:

House of Voices, French title Saint Ange. Reminiscent of Kubrick’s Shining but more subdued, the Overlook replaced by a nearly-abandoned orphanage. If it seems odd that a French film taking place in France would have (un-dubbed) English dialogue, it is; it was filmed concurrently in English and in French. Dunno why they thought doing so was necessary, which had to be a pain in the ass. But I digress.

Goth. A Japanese film, not so much horror so much as a detective story from the perspective of two death-obsessed teenagers. Cute in its own way and even reasonably touching.

And another not to watch: Fear Island, unless you want to spend a depressing hour and a half staring at Hilary Duff’s much less attractive sister while she tries and fails to act.

Found Footage-style AND foreign (Japanese):
Noroi (imdb)

one of the few films i actually had difficulty sleeping afterwards.

I dont live in the US, therefore i have no idea if this movie is available or not.

I thought The Objective was fairly good - by I was not really pleased with the end.

Is Cujo on netflix?

Paranormal Entity got to me a hell of a lot more than I expected. I’m hard to scare and generally think the found footage movies are kind of boring, but this one bothered me for a few days. I went into it with extremely low expectations, just looking for anything to watch, and was pleasantly surprised!

If you liked el orfanato, have you seen el espinazo del diablo (The Devil’s Backbone). We watched this recently and really enjoyed it.

Personally, the horror movie that’s given me the worst willies was The Ring (American version). My guess is every horror fan has seen that one.

No need to feel bad at all! It was definitely a work for hire, not a passion project, so I wouldn’t take it personally, anyway. It may be a few days before I get to watch it, since I’ve promised a friend (who was a fan of my version of the script) that I’d wait to watch it with her.

I am curious, does it involve

something living in the walls? I seem to remember that was our (writing partner and myself) big contribution to the story. I’m getting the impression from some of the online reviews that it does. If so, we probably should have at least gotten a story credit, since I think that would be a pretty big plot element.

Another vote for Trollhunter; I really enjoyed it. Triangle is also worth watching, as someone mentioned earlier.

Saw Shiver last night. Meh.

Was that Catalan they were speaking? Or heavily-accented Spanish?

Really??? :confused:

By all appearances it looks like a dollar-DVD-bin ripoff of Paranormal Activity.

i’m not a fan of japanese films, but this does look interesting.

trailer and review:


I’ve seen Paranormal Entity, and that’s exactly what it is. The creepiest thing about the movie is how interested the “brother” is about documenting everything about his “sister”. Don’t waste your time, unless the phone ringing at odd hours scares you.

You know, i think i saw it, and retained 0% information about the film, it just could not register in my brain as “enjoyable”.

If you can forgive some of the datedness, I think Prince of Darkness is still one of my favorite horror movies. Plus, Alice Cooper!