Hosed my monitor profile - how do I bring it back?

I finally got my copy of SPORE! Been waiting two years for this game… and I still can’t play it. The video card is a weak piece of crap and it’s taxed trying to handle the graphics (even though it’s a Radeon X300, which SPORE supports).

Trying to get updated drivers proved a hassle, and trying to restore the drivers I had before I started the mess proved a worse hassle. In trying to do that, somehow I told the computer to stop using the basic monitor profile, so now when I start it up I see the first couple of screens (warming up, finding master drive etc) but after that it’s just a blank screen.

How can I get the computer to start that profile again? I’m tearing what’s left of my hair out.

Forgot to say I’m running Windows XP.

Would the Windows System Restore work if you went to the first restore point before you started all this?

I mean this without the least bit of snark: How would I go about doing that if I can’t see what I’m doing?

Boot to safe mode - (tap F8 key during boot up) reset parameters to basic 256 color vga 640x480

reboot to standard mode

Your screen will come back (big and ugly)

download the monitor profile .icm file from the manf website or simply set to the right parameters if you know them re refresh rate = resolution etc.

Then set video card parameters to best pic

Once I tell it to enter Standard Mode it lists a bunch of .sys files in the Drivers folder, prefixed by a string:


and then it hangs. I think I’m just going to take it to the techies downtown and have them look at it.

Thanks for all your help, though!